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China: 3 travelogues about China available (sorted by up-to-dateness)

  • Amber's Southeast Asia travels

    Amber's Southeast Asia travels OK well after a very long personal journey I'm finally ready to start fulfilling my dreams- having FUN and being free enough to experience life in the way i want to (i so cant wait) and its way overdue! I'm so excited but soooo scared to be starting my travels solo in Bangkok. My plan is to then cross borders into Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, and then!?.. wherever life takes me ;-)
    United KingdomThailandVietnamChinaCambodiaBrazil
    Duration: 8 months March - November 2008 until Nov. 2008
  • The Indian Contractor visits Vietnam and China on a Shoestring

    The Indian Contractor visits Vietnam and China on a Shoestring A backpackers trip to the Communist nations of Asia! The Contractor (me) swam through Saigon and shivered through north Vietnam, finally entering China- Home of one fifth of Mankind! .
    Duration: 4 weeks May / June 2007 until June 2007
  • Jenny\'s Southeast Asia/China Adventure

    Jenny\'s Southeast Asia/China Adventure Follow my travels through Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and China..........
    Duration: 4 months February - June 2004 until June 2004