A school with a future - Ladakh 2006

India-Travelogue  |  Travel time: August 2006  |  by A. S.


"This weather we have only until October, after that the cold winter comes again"says Jigme, when we are walking below the impressive monastery through the beautiful village Spituk. I know, also my time is finish soon and I have to say goodbye to flee from the cold. The weather up here is very hard and with 35 degree minus in the winter uncomfortable. In the winter most of the shops and restaurants are closed and the mostly unheated guesthouses and internet shops are like deserted. I let sweep away myself and take one of the last jeeps down the Leh-Manali-highway to the south again. But my heart stays with Ladakh and his people, his beauty and naturalness - and in my mind is growing this story and the wish to help......

Below the Spituk monastery

Below the Spituk monastery

For any support the monks and teachers would be very grateful. If somebody has the possibility to help through (better) translation and publication this story, donation, children sponsoring and so on, please contact me ore the school in English language: pegon_institute@yahoo.co.in

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The trip
Read about a small monastery school in Ladakh
Start of journey: August 2006
Duration: unknown
End of journey: August 2006
Travelled countries: India
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