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United Kingdom-Travelogue  |  Travel time: March - November 2008  |  by amber doyland

OK well after a very long personal journey I'm finally ready to start fulfilling my dreams- having FUN and being free enough to experience life in the way i want to (i so cant wait) and its way overdue! I'm so excited but soooo scared to be starting my travels solo in Bangkok. My plan is to then cross borders into Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, and then!?.. wherever life takes me ;-)

12 weeks left (so im told)

I have just twelve weeks to get sorted and ready to go. This includes letting out my flat all those types of practical things, finishing buying all the things i need (digital camera-oh no more technology to learn!) and packing and of course saying goodbye to everyone including my life here my safety my security, really i guess my hiding place for many many years!!

I will maybe add an entry nearer the time or just start my next entry once i arrive in Bangkok. hope you enjoy!

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The trip
Start of journey: Mar 24, 2008
Duration: 8 months
End of journey: Nov 27, 2008
Travelled countries: United Kingdom
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