A reunion on Kodiak (English version)

United States-Travelogue  |  Travel time: September / October 2005  |  by valesca schaefer



I finally made it to Kodiak.
My flight from Frankfurt to Anchorage had 7 hours of delay due to technical problems so that another plane had to come from the states to do the service. But never mind.
I could have spent the day at the Steigenberger Airport Hotel in Frankfurt but I decided to have me picked up by my parents and spend the time at their house so that I could use the internet to inform Ian and Kyle in Kodiak about the changes. There only was the problem that I would miss my connecting flight from Anchorage to Kodiak. I was told that Condor (the airline I was flying with) would take care of it and book me to another flight. But they could do that just shortly before I would leave.

Coming back to the Airport in the late afternoon I was told that not the guy at the ticket counter was going to inform the Condor people at Anchorage, a lady at the gate would do that.
But at the Gate there was only one lady from Lufthansa who said that she could not help me.

The flight itself was very relaxing. There were only about 80 people on board so I had two seats for me and I could have gotten a whole middle row to stretch out while sleeping. But strangely enough I didn't feel very tired Although I hadn't slept much the nights before.

Shortly after landing there was an announcement in the plane that Mister x and Mister z should contact a person waiting for them outside concerning their connecting flight to Kodiak. Well, they somehow had managed to get what I had wanted so I joined them.

There were no problems while clearing customs this time. I guess it's because I was coming directly from Germany. That guy only wanted to know how much money I had with me and when I told him he asked if I had a credit card because it seemed to be far to little cash... He doesn't know that I'm not going to be able to spend much. Or have you ever tipped a bear for not attacking?

Era changed my flight without any problems. I checked in on a flight that was going to arrive at Kodiak at 10:25 pm.
So I tried to call Kyle (who was going to pick me up) but I only got the answering machine...
Well, I started to get worried when there was noone there to pick me up at the airport and I still only got the answering machine.
I ended up taking a taxi to the Eatons' house. I'm really glad that I can recall places and routes rather good because I had no street adress. And you can't be dropped off at a P.O.Box...
When I got there everything was already dark. But from the noise I made Kyle woke up and let me in

Hopefully tomorrow I get flown out to the lodge!

© valesca schaefer, 2005
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The trip
I was lucky to get a cheap flight to Alaska where I want to meet up with my boyfriend Ian. He is working at a remote lodge on Kodiak. After the season ends we want to go on a wilderness hike.
Start of journey: Sep 11, 2005
Duration: 6 weeks
End of journey: Oct 20, 2005
Travelled countries: United States
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valesca schaefer is an active author on break-fresh-ground. since 15 years.
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