A reunion on Kodiak (English version)

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Alaska: Fishes and bears


It's time for more pictures! As the Americans use different color settings than the Europeans some of the pictures might look strange. But you will still be able to get all the beauty I guess.

Zachar Bay Lodge 
(with the dining hall in the center of the picture)

Zachar Bay Lodge
(with the dining hall in the center of the picture)

Two days ago when I had finished the last chapter one of the boats was hauled up to the dock for the winter:

Jim's boat gets on the dock over winter

Jim's boat gets on the dock over winter

I enjoy beeing out here very much! It's fascinating to see how different the sky can be and how the colors of the sea change within just some moments.

Cloudy sky over Zachar Bay

Cloudy sky over Zachar Bay

Yesterday I went out fishing at Zachar River with Ian and Brian. Marty dropped us off at the shore as close to the river mouth as possible at low tide. We had to hike along the beach and through the bushes along the old river bed for about an hour to get to the fishing spot.

The old river bed of Zachar river, probably cut off by an earthquake

The old river bed of Zachar river, probably cut off by an earthquake

When we finally arrived we saw a sow with three cubs just further up the river.

Zachar River Valley

Zachar River Valley

They were coming in our direction before climbing up the bank and disappearing into the shrub. The white collar of the cubs is a sign that they are still young (born this year).

There is a big rock in the middle of the river from which you can look down at the pools and see the Silver Salmon.

Brian tried flyfishing while Ian taught me how to fish with a spinner. It didn't take him long to hook the first fish. But as this was a female he decided to release it. I couldn't do it right so he showed me again and instantly another salmon bit the lure. I pulled it out of the water, this time it was a male and we kept it.
Brian was still trying different flies and weights...
I suddenly smelled something and had a look around. There was another bear just crossing the river a bit downstream!

Brian had then decided to take the spinner and try his luck. With this it didn't take him long to hook several Silvers, the biggest was 13.6 pounds!

I tried fishing again and I got one all by myself

Ian takes the guts out at the river and filets them already.

Back at the lodge the filets get washed and vacuum sealed by portion.

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The trip
I was lucky to get a cheap flight to Alaska where I want to meet up with my boyfriend Ian. He is working at a remote lodge on Kodiak. After the season ends we want to go on a wilderness hike.
Start of journey: Sep 11, 2005
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End of journey: Oct 20, 2005
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