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The photo above is not so much me, but more how I occasionally feel first thing on a Friday morning, after Thursday evening's quiz night at the Six Bells (a worthy establishment, closely akin to a rest home for aging roues and dessicated raconteurs*).

I will add more to this profile mucho pronto, but right now am just coming to grips with the technology. Hell, I don't so much save stuff to disk, as copy my files out long-hand onto scrolls.

* That'll be Nick and Mike then.

My travelogues

  • Africa: God\'s chosen land

    For the first time in 14 years I am going back to Ma Afrika. So many memories and so many friends. But what awaits me? There have been changes a plenty, and it\'s said that you should never revisit, because you cannot recapture what once was. But nothing can ever change the smell and the sounds and the smiles of the people.
    South Africa
    Duration: 8 days May / June 2004 until June 2004
  • Mediterranean Matters

    I love the Med and I love in particular Spain (but not too touristy) and the Greek islands. This summer I am well overdue for another trip, laptop and writer's notebook in hand. But first, here is a memory of holidays passed.
    Duration: unknown May 2004 May 2004