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About me:
First of all: Malou is my nickname, some of you might know it, some will come across it for the first time here

Well, I´m a travel-freak! Have been to several places around Europe, Jordan, Australia and South Africa so far. New Zealand (and probably Canada) are next! I love whales and dolphins and speaking English, that explains why Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and Canada In 2002/2003 I traveled around in Australia for 9 months and absolutely loved it.

Apart from traveling I like photography (especially animals and nature), yoga, meeting interesting people, am interested in foreign cultures and languages and would like to work for the WDCS (Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society) one day!

Enjoy reading about my adventures!

My travelogues

  • Work & Travel New Zealand 2008/2009

    Work & Travel New Zealand 2008/2009 My last chance for a "Working Holiday Visa" for new Zealand! So kiwis (all of them - fruit, birds and of course people), whales and dolphins beware, I´m coming!
    New ZealandAustralia
    Duration: 12 months August 2008 - August 2009 until 2009