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Guestbook :Africa: God\'s chosen land

Miglena 1116004654000
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anonymous 1096547164000
Makes Brenda want to go there,

Makes me want to puke
anonymous 1086173214000
Neil you flog cargo space and design airports. This station manager lark obviously taxed too little of your time. have a good one lutty is still out there servicing the planes according to carol
bowlesy boyt 1085576912000
Only a consultant can come that amount verbage!!!!
Go luck BTW Mafeking & Ladysmith have been relieved since you were last there
David 1085506160000

You are a bounder and a cad! How dare you effuse so eloquently on the majesties of distant shores while I am bound to my workdesk, downtrodden and dejected by my employing masters, hacking away at computer code for a mere pittance in order to feed myself and my poor, thin emaciated moggy, while you swan about in sundrenched climes without a thought for those entrenched behind.

There will be a reckoning!!!

...or something like that...
Colin Mills 1085504920000
Forthcoming ...
Stoney 1085492552000
You sure you wrote that, your'e a Brentford supporter!!!!
R Williams 1085471046000
A picture is painted of days gone by, when any sort of travel was an exploration in its self. Such a pity those days are gone, but thanks to jet age for opening the world up to us for such a small price. Are we right, or are we wrong to tread the path for so many, and spoil this beautiful planet of ours.
Hilary 1085462592000
nothing like the written word to conjour up the sights and smells of Africa- fabulous- am booking my flight as we speak!!
Brenda 1085462046000
Makes me want to go there!