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Guestbook :South America on a shoestring

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Makar 1322303384000
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anonymous 1251450187000
haha ive been reading this at work, im heading to South America in 3 weeks. you're fuckin funny, the illegal aliens part was mental haha
Rob W. [?] 1117712673000
Thanks for your feedback, but if you read the entry again you´ll find that I say more than once that I´m not an expert on the place and I´m sure it has more going for it than I gave it credit for. The whole thing is meant to be a bit tongue in cheek so please don´t take it too seriously.
anonymous 1117666250000
I think you shouldn't write about what you don't know. How do you think you can give an accurate descritption of a place you just spent one day at? Your Montevideo description sucks, it is really a great place and maybe you should have stayed a little more to discover its "hidden" good things.

Readers, don't pay attention to that part of this log.
Edward Clifton-Brown 1116604006000
Stumbled here accidentally too, doing a search for The Millhouse in Buenos Aires. Might stay there. Looks good. Am in England at the mo, flying out to BA on Monday.
Keep up the good work on the travelogue, makes good reading.
from austin, tx, usa 1110572639000
stumbled here accidentaaly. very entertaining. keep writing.
anonymous 1107821919000
Very interesting and informative. keep writing!!
Matt 1096521303000
I'm reading this. Don't stop
Raj 1088309639000
Wonderful .Keep posted.
Raj, Cochin,India
Rob W. [?] 1086858799000
Leave a message here so I know if anyone is reading this!! Cheers, Tom