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Guestbook :Gosandra travels round the world

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Tom 1179696051000
Hi Sandra,
good to hear you're well and having fun. Don't worry about the camera. I'm also in expert in this field. I destroyed Barbara's camera in a hot spring on Vancouver Island... Such is life (and sometimes it's getting sucher and sucher). But a get a new one soon, so we can see more nice pictures from your trip. Safe travels and enjoy, cheers from Boston,

Kira, Tom & Micky
Kris 1178748742000
Hey wasn't the airline able to find your camera?
USe your TRAVEL INSURANCE and tell them it got stolen in Cambodia (your advice when my camera was destroyed by a rogue wave in Mexico!)! Ha!!
I guess we've both been on crazy travel adventures... my advice to everyone reading this though is DO NOT go to Venice alone. It's a place for happy couples. I want to go home now!
Also, Berlin is AWESOME.
Jax 1177827418000
Paris Hilton says:
"Backpacks are so hot right now"
Like, totally hot.

...That's a haiku

Clarice 1177090839000
Hey, nice to know that you are having a blast! BTW, am I the only person excluded from the mass-emails? : (
Ingeborg 1176967225000
Hey Sandra!
Bin zwar noch nicht in dein Tagebuch vorgedrungen.....aber hier einige Grüße von mir. Uns gehts gut! Hatten am Wochenende eine erste echte Kinder_Geburtstagsparty mit vielen Gästen. Im Mai würde ich gerne für ein paar Tage nach Croatia aber muss noch den Göttergatten ein bisserl qäulen.....
ICh wünsch dir auf alle Fälle viel Spaß auf deinem Worldtrip und schau dir viel an!!!!!
Bussi Inke Viel Freude im Meer...seufz!
Sarah McKim 1175044779000
Hey Sandra,

Wow, what gorgeous country! And what a great tan! Very jealous. Raining here non-stop but it should be beautiful by the time you're back in town. Best wishes for the rest of your trip; I'll be checking the travelogue often!
Michelle 1173902388000
Hooray! I found your travel-blog again... I was so sorry when I couldn't find it in my bookmarks! Thanks for keeping it up - very fun to read.
Flavio 1173677020000
Sandra, you are such a special person that you'll make many (more) friends around the world. Tell them to write comments as well. We'll take part on the GoSandra community. Take care!
Jin Suk 1173560282000

What a beautiful place! After lots of hikes, You might lose your priceless weight. So, drink more!!
See you soon
Clarice 1173377807000
Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!!!
Ian 1172726829000
Cool! Sounds like a great trip - glad that we're near the end so we get some stories first-hand. Catch ya later!
Dirk 1172691570000
Hi Sandra

I hope you have a very nice trip
best wishes from me will you meet Sarah??

see you Dirk
Tom 1172688921000
Hey crazy Austrian!
Not bad - make sure you take lots of pictures to share with the rest of us. Your flight Vancouver - London might be a little too long. What about taking a break at the East Coast? The hotel "chez Micky" in Boston would be happy to accomodate you for as long as you like.
Have a great trip and safe travels,
Kira, Tom & Micky
Michelle 1172688400000
oh, so jealous... This sounds fantastic. Sorry I don't live in a more exotic place - but you are welcome to stay with me next time you want to visit the rockies
Britta 1172686472000
Go Sandra Go!
Have tons of fun on your trip.
Hoping to see and read a lot about your adventures on your travel logue )
Say *HI* to the world for me, I'm waiting for you here at the "Good Old West Coast"

Natalia 1172684849000
Way to go Sandra!!!
Something to look forward to for us who are still walking toward the light of finishing PhD projects!
I wish you a great experience!
Jim 1172683153000
Hi, sandra, I wish you a safe and joyful journey around the world!
Anne 1172681136000
Hi Sandra-Sweetie, good to hear from you, and I'll definitely check your travelogue- looking forward to see you back at good old "Westcoast", though! we'll make it down to SF, myabe for harvesting season? Re your trip: Helpful things are also : pocket knife, little scrap book for diary purposes, addresses etc, a large cloth (Tuch) usable for on dirty beds, as skirt, as beachtowel etc, well, I guess you have done traveling before, I think you'll be fine; I am thinking of you when I swing my pipett in the lab!
Die Grosse-Wilde

corinne 1172674239000
way to go, sandra! Don't forget the chocolate for the road - and tell us everything! xx
Vincent 1172671670000
I think we all want to see a pic of Sandra kissing a hippo, don't we?
Keep on truckin'
Gerlinde 1172651373000
ALL the BEST for You!!!
Greetings from Carinthia!
Kris 1172651342000
Sandra! I am sooo jealous of your travels... I am sure you'll have a great time. I am going on my own little mini-adventure in April and May... 5 countries in Europe in a whirlwind tour. I'll even be flying directly over your home state in Austria, on my way to Venice.
Have you been thinking about your friends snc1 and mos5 and mos8 at all? I hope NOT!
The lab is really quiet...