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Guestbook :5 weeks in Thailand

Viorwaynoro 1351137317000
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anonymous k 1348738489000
Interesting stories....nicely written.Thanks.
Neil 1284967142000
Eddie, you are being spammed here, almost 1 year ago. Do you check this at all???
Spde Ganzalez 1246216003000
Nice one! Lovely site.
jerry 1236617365000
good stories, it is interesting to see strange exotic country thru eyes budget travelers. you had a lot of fun in five weeks

christina e 1164754226000
very funny stories indeed. we were told not to get anything for malaria prevention, by a US doctor no less(!), when travelling to thailand... well, i think we'll think twice now. :/ nice travelogue...
Neil 1129274878000
So, do you guys ever answer replies to those who you travel with? Say, a hill tribe trek in Thailand with a stark raving mad and certifiably crazy guide?
Neil 1084925477000
could that be me, crouched by the waterfall? Well yes, so it is.
cb 1075316412000
excellent, i really enjoyed reading about your trip. Make sure you put any future travelling up too!!
Amit Gilboa 1049610820000
Very enjoyable. Thailand is my favorite country, both for living and for traveling and you guys seemed to make the best of everything.
The Autor's comment: Amit Gilboa is the author of the book "Off the rails in Phnom Penh" which in my opinion everyone should read, who intends to visit Cambodia.
Robin 1042907439000
Sounds like you guys had a fun trip minus the malaria. Nice page, well done.

Mark UK 1042754753000
Have just spent an enjoyable half-hour reading through your Thailand trip... very funny! Look forward to reading tales of your future travels.

Cheers, Mark
Martin O. [?] 1039293277000
So here it is at last: our travelogue "5 weeks in Thailand".
A big "THANK YOU" to Martin, who spent a VEEEERRRY LOOONG TIME translating the german version for our english speaking friends.