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Guestbook :villa venus - there are no boarders, if you open your eyes.

villa 1264602609000
HEY iam READING THEM. dont forget about your english speaking friend and i notice that the german site has more pictures. I feel cheated NO ES JUSTO!
frank 1264602399000
Hey I was just thinking, can we do a video conference with my students? They would love to hear all of your stories. This would be a great experience for my students. Let me know if it can be possible.. We have the technology to do it but I don’t know if you would be able to find a place where you can do it. Let me know and we can exchange schedules.

anonymous 1264600435000
keep it up! I want to see more pictures. I would like to live this journey through your pictures.
be save y vaya con dios
anonymous 1258586649000
how come this does not surprise me! enjoy life and keep us posted. Let e know if you are thinking about going to Colombia maybe we can meet up.
gratien 1258389941000
Good Start! Congrat and best wishes!