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Guestbook :Marc & Nora ROUND THE WORLD 2005/2006 - Join us!

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anonymous 1316815440000
WOW!!! loved your blog! I read the entire 11 month adventure in a couple of nights. Wish I could also visit all of these amazing places! Thanks for sharing your experience! may god be with you at all times! shanthi
AlexCib 1309044421000
I came across your blog while researching for my trip to Ecuador, reading about your trip to Puyo and the jungle I just had to ask for the contact details for your guide and where you found out about him and this place? It sounds incredible. Hope you had an amazing trip
steve 1298517351000
Enjoyed what seems like a very honest account of your travels in S America where I am now ( in Banos). Cheers.
anonymous 1291797854000
hey there I found this Site when I was looking for Ayers Rock ... you have a great blog on your hands and the adventures I m envious of
best of luck ahead .... )))
Kai 1277786317000
hey guys, rr
I found your page while i was looking for a tour to the jungel in puyo.
i would like to know how much u guys paid and how i can get the same tour. it sounds really exciting and i would really like to go to the djungel.

thank you
take care
The Autor's comment: Hi Kai,
sorry, we cannot remember anymore how much we paid for the jungle tour (i guess prices have changed anyway as it was 4 years ago...) - in any case, it was not expensive.
have fun!
macy 1266145846000
hello all and it is nice to see your site
Kailyn Broney 1263463542000
Haha awesome pictures and funny ones, I like the one with the red bull and how you made it look like you're standing up, jee I wish I went on that trip with you guys haha, look me up on face book
hai hong zhang 1258963335000
thanks very much! I have learned much interesting knowledges from the travelogues.
fressia 1242261793000
Love your pictures...! I'm from Peru (Arequipa) but I live in USA. I'm happy you guys enjoyed the same feelings that I enjoyed there with my family.!!
Tdunn 1233865464000
I just went through all of these sites, i think its badass that yall go around the world to badass places..how do yall afford to do that??thats all i was thihnking lol while looking at the shit
BRIAN WARNER 1229722815000
suzy 1226363370000
wow! memories to keep forever. i guess you guys find it tough to be back after such an exciting time abroad?
ghanadi 1224652523000
hi my friends;i would like know about perth city and its facilities for guest s
Tuomas k 1223199937000
Awesome story about traveling... i love to read this and especially those pics! im going to new zealand at next summer so those pics helped me to decide where i will visit there! thank you ;P
anonymous 1214425778000
you smart ass! Lake Titicaca is a lake located on the border of Bolivia and Peru. It sits 3,812 m (12,507 ft) above sea level making it the highest commercially navigable lake in the world

but teh highest lake in the world is not in chile either but in argentina.
1 "Ojos del Salado Pool" 6,390 20,965 Argentina
anonymous 1212780046000
Lake titicata isn't the highest lake in the world. the highest lake in the world is in chile, so get it right
Rich 1212011059000
fantastic experience - I wish I had done somehting alike myself. your stories are so authentic, when reading them I feel like I was there myself.
Usanee B. 1210748723000
So Coolllllll, I envy u for traveling around the Worldddddd
N. Andia 1209322661000
I really loved looking at the pictures and fun you all had in South America. I am orig. from Peru and having seem the pictures brings back memories.
Michael 1201042718000
I can only agree with Kelly. it took me quite a while to read through your stories but i enjoyed every minute of it. Been to some of the places myself and even unknown places seem familiar to me after having read your amusing and detailed reports.
Take care, Mike
Kelly 1200939906000
Just wanted to say you did a good job of blogging. I've juststarted but am looking forward to the journey!

ian 1199895477000
Thanks I did a very similar trip in 2003 I had planned it after college but took 30 years to get round to it. I really enjoyed your story and the photos that brought back so many good memories
vijay 1196978942000
Hi Marc and Nora,
I liked the narrative very much. I would not be able to travel to all places you have been to, but felt close to that.
What greater pleasure can you ask for in life than an engagement ring on waynu-picchu!
Chalermsri 1195636332000
Yes..I go there for jogging sometimes.It's funny there.But i like it though>Hundreds of people do the aerobic dance...and we do jogging..u can call it "walking" hahaha..
The lumpini park is the biggest park in Bangkok.And there is a night bazaar for night market , and everything is there also.But it's pretty expensive.U have to be careful>but the quality and the price is ok to buy..u know...I like the part alot...Seems u like Thailand..^_^
Aminah 1193390891000
hey Marc,
the web is a wonderful thing! i can believe theres so many photos of you!! this is Aminah by the way, your faithful friend from Carnac...(nearly 10 years ago!).
Hows things? mail me back,would love to hear from you.
Congrats on being engaged/married (she must be a patient gal, lol!)
Grant 1186019449000
Great info about La Nariz de Diablo. I am intending to do this trip in Nov. Thanks
Lee 1182610365000
Hi this was great, I travelled around Oz, NZ,Thailand, Singapore etc a few years ago and spent a long time in the Atherton Tablelands in particular (I adored this place),this brought back some fantastic if not heart wrenching memories. Thankyou.
lorraine hunter 1179566188000
20 may 2007 just want to say we loved noosa as well when we were there great beach shops etc etc would love to go back. enjoy your trip. lorraine (from edinburgh scotland)
kim alllen 1174002467000
We are in the United States and we are thinking of taking a long vacation somewhere exotic. There are 3 of us--mum, dad, and daughter, age 14. Because we are in the US we think South America would be fun, as we speak Spanish. However, we are concerned about safety in South America. Already we have been to Asia and we enjoyed that area very much. Would you think Australia might be more suitable to a teen girl? or would South America (we think Peru and Ecuador) would be exciting?
The Autor's comment: Dear Kim,

Thanks for your guestbook entry. This is a tough one-South America versus Australia...They are 2 entirely different continents. Australia is definitely the more fun destination and for a teen girl i can imagine it is fantastic! People are so incredibly friendly and relaxed and the outdoor life is fantastic (barbecue on the beach, surfing, huge preserved natural parks...)
South America is stunning too but in a completely different way. Peru is quite touristy already and Ecuador is rapidly developping. However the poverty of the people is visible and therefore crime is always present. Almost everybody we met got robbed or mugged in Ecuador-except us two. I really believe you have to make your mind up whether you are looking to visit a continent that is so different to the ones we live in and if you want to get some cultural education or if you want to have a fun, relaxed holiday in an easy-going and safe environment. It also depends on the interests of your daughter - if she is interested in history such as the Incas and Indeginious life then go to South America to experience it before it gets too developed and touristy.
Whatever you go for - I am sure you will love it! They are both 2 fantastic continents in their own way!!!!
If you need anything else just let us know! Nora
Tina 1166358541000
Hallo Nora,

Echt coole Website, man sieht da steckt viel Liebe und vor allem Reisebegeisterung drinnen.
Wollte Dir noch meine Telefonnummer mailen: 0664/534 59 77. Wäre toll wenn wir in Kontakt bleiben.

Liebe Grüsse
The Autor's comment: hey tina - na da warst du super schnell!!!
ich meld mich bei dir wenn ich aus england zurück bin ok? (bin ab 27. wieder da) nora x
anonymous 1165401071000
loved the pics, i`m actually looking for the boot makers address, got some of their boots some years ago and need some more!,don`t suppose you have any addresses for them please.
The Autor's comment: hey you - sorry for the late answer!
i dont remember any street name but it was a street close to the hill of cusco...there is a really nice hotel/bar opposite of the shoemaker!
if i find the address out i will put it here on the website.
Christa Erin 1163024259000
Hi Marc and Nora

I am thrilled for you! What a fantastic journey..I will def keep up w the reading. My bf and I are headed to Thailand as well in a few weeks! Wish u both an amazing experience, safety and lots of great encounters with the locals and the like
Steffen 1157790441000
Hi Nora and Marc

marvellous trip, very exiting to read. I am happy you returned safely and happy. I finished my PhD and fly to Germany on Monday. I am happy but exhausted.

I wish you all the best in good old Europe.

Ciao Steffen

Adedolapo Taiwo 1156613173000
Its been so interesting going through this site. All i could see is the great things happening in south america ,really i hope one day i get over and pick a beatiful woman from lovly continent AMARICA. Cheer to every beatiful woman in south america.......
marc and nora L. [?] 1156427761000
Guys this is THE best travel report I have seen in a long time...great photos...creative writing. Its just such a shame that your friends and family didn't make more of an effort to leave comments!!
Thomas 1154738098000
Found your website by accident. Will travel to South America myself in a few months and got a lot of valuable hints from you guys. amazing photos! Well written as well! Hope I will have such a good time as you seem to have had.
anonymous 1153661560000
I myself was in krabi this winter, and I just love it, I'm also trying to put together a site. Need more nice pictures though. But if you want you can check out what I got going so far...
Mum 1152809871000
Can't believe that I will see you tomorrow!!!
Welcome back home!!!!
Enjoyed every time "travelling with you" through the wonderful descriptions and photos.
But very happy that you are safe back with full of memories to this time of your life!
See you tomorrow in Vienna!
Lou Clarke 1152534975000
Hey guys!
Your website is amazing - love all the pictures, some bringing back good memories and some just making me want to pack my rucksack again right now!!!! Being home again is quite an adventure in itself so don't get depressed! Really looking forward to seeing you both - hope it's not too distant in the future! Take care, lots of love, Lou xxx
Hartwig Zsuzsa 1152299120000
Hello Nora and Mark!
I followed your adventures from its opening through the stories of Nora’s Oma. From that time I heard you had a homepage, through the internet and enjoyed the fantastic pictures too. I am curious which country did you like the best.
Susan from Budapest
David Clarke 1152022619000
Hi Guys

Greetings from Edinburgh. Glad to hear you guys are keeping well (apart from being robbed and all that). I think this maybe the 1st message I have ever left in this guestbook. I have just spent the last hour catching up on loads of your posts - and how my heart pines for Milford Sound, Kaikoura and smelly Rotorua. We have settled back into being home and whilst it is depressing I cannot wear my thongs & boardies to work it is nice to have money coming into my bank instead of out. Hope you guys are not too depressed about coming home - but looking forward to seeing you both and celebrating with you. Take Care D x x x
Debbie Bennett 1152002780000
Hi Nora and Marc
Enjoying reading all about your around the world trip.
You are both so lucky many people can only dream of of an experience like this.
Love to u both
The STAR 1151869175000
That sounds different! Thanks for recognition, God knows it makes me feel good.
Enjoy the jungle and let us know about further adventures in Bolivia. Big Kiss
pam leadstone 1151863518000
Hello guys, just caught up with you SA travels. Absolutely wonderful. That sunset in El Calafate and the glaciers were out of this world. I think the scenery is so unexpected, I didn't think it would be anything like your pictures have shown. Take care lots of love Mam xxx
Mum 1151679163000
Hi! Enjoy reading the latest updates. (after "thank you VISA, thank you Bank", I missed something.....)
Looking forward to pictures from Bolivia!

The Autor's comment: of course...THANK YOU MUM...for organising it all! You are a star!!!
anonymous 1151661412000
Hallo ihr 2!! Danke für die quizfrage aus peru! schöööööööön!!!! Bussi, Karin
Tara and Al 1151021507000
Marc and Nora!!! We are waiting for the update!!!
Helen And Julia 1150485666000
Hi Marc and Nora,

Julia's visiting me out in Spain and showed me your website, looks like you have done some amazing stuff. Julia asks if you've still got the beard SHE thinks it's ageing!! AM showing Jules around Asturias this weekend, think she has more cider drinking planned than sightseeing though! Her spanish is improving as well, she now has a 10 second memory on how to say words, last time it was only 5 before she forgot how to say thankyou!
If your travels ever bring you to northern spain feel free to drop in, love Helen and Julia
The Autor's comment: hola u2! we just crossed the border to peru - very interesting experience! marc says that you hurt his feelings jules! i personally think you are completely right!

marcs spanish memory has improved tremendously! he now doesnt hide behind my back mumbling i should ask this and that for him but instead he now has proper haggling conversations with market vendors! WOW-i am impressed! he also doesnt say anymore: "cest muy expensivo!" but "es muy caro" instead!

enjoy ur time in asturias - we might come and see you soon as well.
love, marc & nora
steve 1149591880000
Hi Grizzly Adams and Nora,

Great web site guys, it’s been fun watching your progress round the world, pictures have been stunning.
Nora, knowing Marc I can guarantee it wasn’t the horse making that noise.
Just to reassure you, your heads have now moved to Bolivia although it was a struggle as marc had fallen behind the radiator.
Everything here is great the weather has finally turned, thought it would never happen.
Baby Dylan is as cute as a button, he’s now laughing and smiling, and amazingly farts as loud as his dad.
Can’t wait for the world cup only 3 days to go, England are going to win which will be nice.
Well done for remembering Jules birthday got to be a first!

Enjoy the rest of your journey.
Take care
Claire, Steve and baby dylan. 1149525618000
Hello Marc and Nora, what clever little bunnies you are with your very own website, me and my nappy brain are very impressed!!. Your trip looks so amazing, cant believe you have been away almost a whole year, our lives have changed beyond belief, but it's so fantastic, our little bundle is growing by the day and looking more like his daddy by the second, would be seriously worried if i hadnt given birth to him i wouldnt believe he was mine! cant wait to show the little man off. Still very jelous of the fantastic adventure you two have been on together, it all looks so amazing, i am suprised you have time to write this website. Anyway hopefully we will all catch up soon, take care lots of love claire, steve and baby Dylan Jacob Smith x x x
Steffen 1149226434000
Hi guys

great pictures, good read in between my work. Have a safe trip always....


Diane and Pete (Julia's mum and dad) 1149192581000
Hi from Staines, U.K. the place where we offered you, Marc shelter one lowly Christmas Eve and Nora who we fed and entertained along with Julia. We have so enjoyed looking at your web page, we ourselves have visited Aus and N.Z so it means a lot to us and friends have emigrated to Perth now, shame we didn't realise. Julia is up here for a late celebration of her birthday and we have hit the shops in Oxford Street today, had a very successful trip. Weather in U.K dismal and cold this spring. Hope the rest of the trip goes as well as it has been so far, and hope to see you as guests at the Wedding of the year 2007!!
Aeron + Kit 1149107234000
What's with the beard Marc?????????

I've really enjoyed reading your latest update on your adventures. I also received your postcard at work today.
karine le biller 1149078794000
hola marc y nora,
me gusta mucho las fotos de argentina, el tango, la patagonia, es maravilloso. Ya tenia una ganas de visitar ese continente,ahora, seguro que voy a ir.
gracias a vosotros dos, y suerte
AutoCalc 1148987262000
I took a whale watching trip when I visited Kaikoura in Dec 2004 I did not have a camera with me at the time so I have relly enjoyed looking at your photos.
Mum & Trevor 1148843311000
Fantastic updates, great photos! Carry on, good luck and safe journey to Atacama!!
Mum& Trevor 1148661217000
Enjoyed the new entries and pictures from SA.
Perito Moreno is incredibly beautiful! I guess it was no problem to find there some crashed ice for your Red Bull... Looking forward to the continuation...
Pam Leadstone 1148154635000
Hi u two, just caught up with NZ travels, beautiful scenery. True about the alpacas eyes, weird or wot? I hope you havnt' caused bad luck for anyone else, it is odd the way things break down when you two are near. Catch up soon. LOL Mamxxxx
Birgitte 1147957125000
Hi Nora and Marc!
Greetings from rainy Brussels....The best would be to join u guys immediately!! The second best is to read about your adventures and see the amazing photos from your trip. Looks truly fantastic! Take care both of you. Looking forward to seing u again.
Knus Birgitte
Mum 1147641194000
Hi again,
just got back from Hungary and logged in. Great you continued writing about NZ-experiences. What is the prize for solving the quiz-question??? Here comes my answer: Sperm whales have a very thick- wax-like liquid in their head, called spermaceti-oil, this was/is used by cosmetic firms for cremes etc. Is that right? - if yes, what is the prize??? - Wish you good journey on the boat on the way to Chile!!! Big kiss from Vienna!
Claire 1147628409000
hey you too. man, that sucks!! glad they didn't get the important things though, you can keep going & continue to regale us with your tales of exitement & exotisicm (is that a word?) whilst the rest of us go to work every day. not that i'm jealous, oh no. i love work. so, anyway, enjoy south america - somewhere i would love to go. i want to hear about the music, the men (right, nora?) and the tequila. keep having fun x
julia 1147452563000
Hi Marc and Nora, Wow this is the first time I have gone on to your web... I know always a bit slow on the up take! Anyway looks bloody great I haven't looked at it all but looks like you are having a ball. Thanks for the birthday message very well remembered and I will have you know I got ID ed the other day so can't look to old!! any way I will look at this more now.. and yes I have moved your heads! lots of love Julia and Steve xx
Mum 1147210881000
Hallo and a big hug from home! Such a shame it had to happen on the last night! But luck in unluck: passports + tickets are there, you both are safe and can continue your trip. Enjoyed the photos which arrived today. Your summary on Australia makes me feel going there right now ....... I wonder whether I should consider an "early" retirement?
Looking forward to 2nd half of NZ. Big kiss Mum&Oma
Aeron + Kit 1147161054000
I am so gutted for you guys!!!! I hope you got all your cards cancelled and phone. Your not having much luck with your ipods are you Marc! I'm sure it won't stop you from enjoying the rest of your time travelling. I'll look forward to reading more of your adventures, especially what you got up to in Rio.

Take it easy, Aeron + Kit
marc and nora L. [?] 1147077077000

everybody talks about it and finally it happened to us - we have been robbed! whilst sitting in the internet cafe updating our website some bloody bastards have stolen all of our valuables (2 cameras, all my (nora's) credit cards, bank cards, driving licence, marc's ipod (again!), mobile phone...etc etc)from the HOSTEL LOCKER!

we are not even in peru or bolivia now, but in buenos aires in a beautiful, safe looking hostel! 2 f**** chilenians (at least so they say) booked into the hostel this morning and stayed in our dormitory. we left, the german girl had a shower and whilst she was in the bathroom they took EVERYTHING (incl.passport) from her and almost everything from us (fortunately 'left' the passports and flight tickets).

it was all locked in the safe but they unscrewed the lock!!! my cameras!!! luckily we have burnt all photos on cds, so no memories lost. but my address book with all email addresses of our new friends is gone (probably already lying in a bin somewhere) and all my credit cards...

...i cant believe it! on our last night in Buenos Aires!!! now it is 5:30am (we spent 3 hours at the most disgusting police office with the most inefficient, uninterested, rude police officers) and our flight to el calafate (patagonia) leaves at 9am!

any 'cheer up' emails or guest book entries are more than welcome!!!
p.s. for the german girl in our room it was the 7th time in 8 months to be robbed!!!

pls keep ur fingers crossed that this will be our last time (on the other hand, they cant take anything from me anymore as i dont have anything)

and how the hell do i get my credit cards if i dont have a permanent address here (cant be sent to poste restante) and dont know where we are going to be when?!

((((((((((((( i am so sad!!!!! (((((((((


Iris+Stefan 1146388390000
Hi Nora & Marc! We are back home! (schluchz) While reading your great reports we can escape from the routine and get back some nice feelings. Take care in Southamerica, you'll be fine! Looking forward to your next comments! Greetings from Linz Iris+Stefan
The Autor's comment: Hello u2,
nicht dem Vergangenen nachweinen sondern dem Neuen mit all den gewonnenen erkenntnissen und erinnerungen positiv entgegenstehen...

(...Nora mit ihren weisen worten... - bin schon still! )

ich verstehe euch...hab jetzt schon ein mulmiges gefuehl im magen wenn ich daran denke dass ich bald von unserer reise in der vergangenheit sprechen werde...

...sind gerade aus RIO (samba, churrascaria, caipirinha, etc...) zurueck. Hoechste zeit unseren travelogue upzudaten!!! werden dies sobald wir in buenos aires sind (in 4 tagen) tun.

und dann gibt es ganz ganz viel zu lesen - sicher auch viele bemerkungen die euch an euren neuseelandtrip erinnern werden...

...liebe gruesse einstweilen,
Marc & Nora
Susi 1146289677000
hallo ihr 2,

sehe ihr habt noch immer viel spass - weiter so...
...hab viel spass eure reports zu lesen , wann kommt der naechste bericht?! freu mich schon drauf!

Steffen 1146104901000
Hi Nora and Marc

Many greetings from Auckland. I enjoyed the time with you very much. I hope your journey through South America will be exciting and safe. I sent back Marc's Jacket today. Hi from Lily.

Take care

Pam Leadstone 1144765557000
Hello u two. I have just caught up with your latest info before you left for NZ. I loved the one of Nora playing piano for the crazy dog. Ayers rock was beautiful, as were a lot of the other places you visited. Looking 4ward to your next batch. Take care, LOL Mam xxxxxx
mum 1144179765000
Great to read your adventures. Enjoy every word and the photos, too, of course.
Re: leeches: Thanks for appraizing my "intelligence" in public. However, only the salt came from me - Trevor knew the burning... (ich will mich nicht mit fremden Federn schmücken...). Big kiss from Vienna (Springtime is coming slowly). Mum
karine 1144015614000
salut les jeunes, je suis vos aventures sur internet, et je voyage en meme temps que vous, ( si on peut dire), merci pour ces beaux moments que vous nous faites partager, et bonne continuation pour votre periple. amusez vous bien .gros bisous a tous les deux..I WANT TO DANCE....
The Autor's comment: salut karine, ca me fait plaisir que t'aimes notre site du web. c'est bizarre, mais j'ai pense a toi hier-j'ai voulu savoir si t'es encore en tenerife et si tu veux faire un rendez-vous en espagne en juillet...regardes l'email pour plus de details...bisous, nora xxx
Karen Fisher 1143559857000
Hi guys
It's been great reading about Australia, reminds of being there (10 years ago now - aaargh!). Get to Byron Bay if you can - really great laid back atmosphere. I loved Darwin too but looked similar to stuff you've done in Western Australia that I didn't. Anyway -enjoy! Love Karen xx
Elisabeth 1143557058000
Auf eure Bräune kann man richtig neidisch werden, vorallem wenn wir hier in Österreich erst einen Frühlingstag hatten. Bin schon gespannt, was die Andeutung "letztes Foto mit langen Haaren" auf sich hat. Gib Bescheid wann ihr zur Lisi nach Kanada im Sommer fahrt, vielleicht schaue ich dann auch vorbei. Bussi, Elisabeth
Mum 1143309918000
Just wanted to let you know that your last updated page on "Noosa 2nd visit" is also working now - great pictures! Webmaster Martin is very efficient, he already sorted out the error and gave me an e-mail note on it. Kompliment! Big kiss
mum&Trevor 1143300446000
Hi! Was great talking to you today. After we spoke we checked your web-page, too, and found the recent updates. We enjoyed reading your advantures. However, the last link "Noosa 2nd visit" did not open. We sent a note to Martin Gädeke (Webmaster) that he should look into the error. Bye for now
pamleadstone 1142354124000
Hi you two, what a pity you didn't find any gems worth your while, but it looked liked fun anyway.
Did you understand Fayes email address? Here it is again just in case. faye_lester@hotmail.co.uk Take care, catch up soon. LOL Mam xxxx
Ken Leady 1141939844000
Hi You Pair,
Glad you are still enjoying your travels, everything looks great, certinly something to remember,I,m almost enjoying your travels as much as you are, just jealous really.It was nice to see Hazel and Tony looking well.
Take care both of you and enjoy it all.
Love Dad
Pam Leadstone 1141847232000
Hello u two, got your txt this morning, I bet it was a wonderful view from the top of Sydney Harbour bridge. Enjoy the rest of your Australian travels and time with your friends. Looking 4wd to your NZ travels. Take care, Love to you both Mam xxxx
Steffen 1141114924000
Hey guys

I am a friend of Trevor's. I am sure I can help you a little bit with things here in Auckland. Amazing trip. My heart stoped when I read the story of the mad Thai driver. You can get in touch with me to discuss details for your NZ visit.

All the best


Iris+Stefan 1140363480000
Hi Nora and Marc!! You seem to have lots of fun in Down Under. Good, that you found a new home, but to forget good old POSH (Jonny) so quick ;o)
really funny, to read your news. We are in Nairobi, Kenya, at the moment and planing our last few weeks here! Africa is different, but really great. You should go there on your next trip! Good luck and much fun!!! Hakuna Matata Iris+Stefan
Pam Leadstone 1140344353000
Hello u 2. Just caught up with latest exploits, very funny. Marc I have got the hang of finding your travel page quickly,at last, hurrah! I thought you looked quite dashing in your wet suit, head gear, very nice.(snigger) Keep in touch. Lots of love to you both. Mam xxxx
Claire 1140215264000
heya, sorry, it's taken me a rather long time to get round to contributing. but, hey, good things come to those who wait. so, warm (ish) greetings from a recently thawed munich.. although i reckon the snow'll be back next week. hey, this'll give you a laugh... i've been learning to snowboard.. i rock by the way!! so, sounds like you're having mnuch more fun than me. looks amazing, keep up the good work. and yeah marcy, how did you manage the italian conversation with the sicilian?!! have even more fun xx
mum&trevor 1140115622000
Wonderful and great fun to read again your adventures knowing you are having great time and meeting alot of people you have fun with and make friends everywhere. Marc, how did your Italian conversation go with Giovanni??? Best wishes from all of us
Willie 1139907599000
Hey guys good to see your still having lots of fun, just checked up on the Fraser Island log. It looks like a cool place. I've only 2 weeks left in Rome then back home (via pompey) to chill out for a while. Remember if you run out of places to go there's a party in Aberdeen on 7th July.... Laters Willie ;o)
pam leadstone 1139651957000
Hello u two, just checked update on your site, very good. Looking 4ward to seeing more photos. Thnxs again 4 birthday call. Take care Love Mam xxxx
Mum & Oma 1139426820000
What a surprise! Just logged in and found your latest updates. Great! Looking forward to more...
Vienna had some +temperatures today - for 1 day!!! - tomorrow's forecast is again frost and more snow... Enjoy Australian Summer! All the best for the continuation... Love Mum and Oma
pamleadstone 1138295852000
Hello u two, hope things are ok, not heard from u for awhile. I am still checking your travel log as you will guess by my writing in the guest book, clever huh! Catch up soon, love to you both Mam xxxx
Mum 1138210701000
Hello again from freezing cold Vienna! Today only -9 celsius in the town, but Waldviertel is around - 20 (poor Karin!). But soon is getting milder. Can you imagine this cold when you are sweating in the tropics?? How does it feel? Hope you both are both happy and safe back from the island and did not meet any box jelly fish.
Would love to read your latest adventures, the Blockwell family is following your routes as well.

Big kiss and hug M&O
Craig 1137502297000
Hi you 2, how are you both? Our Mam has just sent the web link. Hope you are both ok. I am home in 2 weeks, i did email you for new Year

take care both of you, keep safe

love Big Bro xxx
Margit 1137188778000
Hallo Nora & Marc! ... sorry, dass ich euch nicht schon früher mal geschrieben habe ... finde es echt toll, dass ihr euch die mühe macht und für die "daheimgebliebenen" eueren reisebericht immer am laufenden haltet & auch immer so tolle fotos reinstellt! (auch wenn man da ganz schön neidisch wird!) .... schicke euch beiden ganz liebe grüße aus dem schnee & wünsche euch noch eine aufregende, tolle & wunderschöne weitere reise! alles liebe, bussi margit
The Autor's comment: hey margit - danke fuer eintragung. haben im moment tropisches klima (no na im tropical queensland) - ziemlich viel regen und luftfeuchtigkeit von 80% und temperaturen um die 36`C. da geht mir langsam schnee richtig ab. falls du ein paar schoene photos hast von der winterlandschaft in lech dann bitte mail sie mir! DANKE! Nora xx
karin 1136930209000
Hi Nora&Marc! Danke für Mail und Sms - keine ahnung warum meine sms nie ankommen..! mein "haxn" ist ok, hab kreuzbandriss und prellung, aber geht schon.. will in zwei wochen schifahren nächstes wochenende fahren wir nach london. willi geht aufs match manchester-liverpool! alles weitere dann im mail! hoffe euch gehts gut, grüßt die sonne in down-under, Bussi Karin
Mam 1136928181000
Hello u two, I have just caught up with your latest travels, I had a good laugh re the horse story, in fact all the info you are telling is really funny. Pleased you r both having a gd time. Love from Mam and Graham xx
Chrissie 1136906625000
Hey Marc - have you heard from James Brighton? he's in Sydney for new year too!
mum & trevor 1136233916000
Read your last updates from our hotel internet.
Good to know you are OK and having good time.
We enjoy sun and warm temperatures, good hotel, food, service excellent. Tomorrow 2 days touring around the island. Keep us further updated. Love you Mum & Trevor
mum & trevor 1136233910000
Read your last updates from our hotel internet.
Good to know you are OK and having good time.
We enjoy sun and warm temperatures, good hotel, food, service excellent. Tomorrow 2 days touring around the island. Keep us further updated. Love you Mum & Trevor
mum & trevor 1136233904000
Read your last updates from our hotel internet.
Good to know you are OK and having good time.
We enjoy sun and warm temperatures, good hotel, food, service excellent. Tomorrow 2 days touring around the island. Keep us further updated. Love you Mum & Trevor
marc and nora L. [?] 1136115610000
Hello everybody! just to let you know - We arrived safely in Sydney and had a great New Years Eve - very spectacular indeed!

today (sunday, 1/1/06) has been not only the hottest day of the year (haha, with 1 day into the new year that is not very difficult) but also the hottest day since 1949! we had 45`C at 6pm!!! the bad side about that is that there are plenty of serious bushfires nearby and we dont know whether our travel up the coast will be delayed as roads are blocked.

hope you all had a great night and all the best for 2006!

Cath> congratulations on your new arrival!!!
Katrin> hab gesehen dass das foto (suchbild) fuer moritz relativ klein ist...am besten du speicherst das foto und vergroesserst es dann...dann sollte er die loesung finden...

karin> ich bekomme keine einzige sms von dir...irgendwas geht da schief. versuch mal statt 0061 falls du das so gespeichert hast, +61
hoffe dein haxen ist wieder ok - so ein pech auch!

julia & tim> lasst es uns wissen wenn baby angekommen ist...

all the best,

Marc & Nora xxx
Graeme & Sandra 1136009110000
Marc & Nora
Thanks for the kind words in Coral Bay. It was a pleasure to meet you guys and see you again in Perth before you left for Sydney. Hope you arrived there safely and and found your accomodation ok.
Looks like the weather in the Eastern States will be a little hot for a while.(like Karijini)
Anyway have a wonderful time during the rest of your stay in Australia and the rest of your trip around the world.
Take care the both of you and have a happy and safe new year.
Best Wishes
Sandra & Graeme
The Autor's comment: hello you two. thanks again for a great time - we are sure that our paths will cross again...

best wishes for 2006!

marc and nora
Katrin 1135790278000
Hallo Nora!!! Endlich finde ich einmal Zeit, dir zu schreiben!! Es tut mir eh leid, dass ich nicht schon früher geschrieben habe, aber seit der Moritz in der Schule ist, ist es bei mir ziemlich stressig!!! Ich finde euer Tagebuch echt super!!! Ich bin echt begeistert, was ihr für tolle Bilder macht, und was ihr alles bis jetzt erlebt habt!! Echt super und beneidenswert!!
Morgen treffe ich die Julia, die ist wieder einmal im Lande, und am Freitag die Nadine, und vor zwei Wochen war der Liedl bei mir, und mit der Sabine habe ich eh laufend Kontakt!! Allen geht es gut, und alle lassen dich schön grüßen!! Meine kleine Maus wird am 4.1. schon ein halbes Jahr alt, es ist echt arg, wie schnell die Zeit vergeht, und wielange ihr schon unterwegs seid, wahnsinn!!!! Ich hoffe ihr paßt auf euch auf, und ich freue mich schon, wenn ich wieder von dir höre!!!
Alles Liebe, und einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr wünscht euch Katrin
The Autor's comment: hey katrin, sag hallo an alle - nadine, julia, sabine etc.

hab dir oben was bezuegl. dem suchbild geschrieben - am besten vergroessern sonst ist es zu schwer!

wuensch euch allen auch alles gute fuer 2006!

Anita alias Buttons & Taylan 1135718230000
Dear Nora & Marc!

Just sent you one of my rather long e-mails (well, after such a long time of no lifesign) that would have exceeded the space and purpose of this guest book - but unfortunately stated a (slightly) wrong e-mail address... that one should be alright now - Hoping the same of you two there in Down Under...

Snowy greetings from "Ösi-Land" to "Aussie-Country"

Yours Anita & Taylan
astrid 1135601238000
hallo nora,
ich hoffe ihr habt weihnachten entsprechend gefeiert?? wünsche euch beiden einen guten rutsch bei hochsommerlichen temperaturen und einen fulminanten start ins jahr 2006 !!!!!
alles liebe aus der heimat ****
Mum & Trevor 1135539145000
Hi there! This is our last entry before our dept for Teneriffa. We leave as early as 3.00 a.m. - ugh! Have a great new year in Sydney! We saw today Bondi Beach on TV - they said it had 32 degrees in shadow!! All people were in bathing suits wearing Santa Claus hats, just like you on your greeting photo. "Have a good slide into 2006!" Love you - take care!!!!
Helmi 1135525506000
Hello from Graz!!!!

hi nora und marc, is ja echt beneidenswert

coole tour!!!

also, hoff mal wieder was von euch zu hören, nachträglich nochmals frohe weihnachten euch beiden....


Nena 1135382844000
Hey Marc and Nora, happy christmas to whereever you are at the moment. I am so glad that everyrrhing with the trip worked out and you managed to go. I hope that you have great impressions and meet nice people and if you guys come to Frankfurt, you know whom to call. Have a save trip and mind the spiders.
Hug Nena.
Erika Berchtold 1135263662000
liebe nora,
viele liebe weihnachtsgrüße ins ferne australien. habt weiterhin eine schöne zeit, einen guten rutsch ins neue jahr und lasst euch die australischen vanillekipferl gut schmecken!
alles liebe
Iris+Stefan 1135227207000
Hi Nora&Marc!!
We hope you have a great time and we wish you MERRY CHRISTMAS and A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2006!!!!
We are looking forward to read your next story!!
Greetings from Hanoi, Vietnam
Lenda and Jim (Luton) 1135017664000
Hi Nora and Marc

Kristina was in England to see Trevor and the family and we were talking about youn trip. Trevor gave me the mail Address to follow your trip we are very impressed and what a good thing to do. Hope it is still all good the pictures are very interesting. Keep save and well both of you. I do not know what you are planning for Christmas but have a good one and a Happy 2006 from us. We will keep browsing the nett. Love Lenda and Jim xx
Walter Bernhard (Uschi's father) 1134841432000
Hi Nora, hi Marc, Good luck for your trip through Australia, where we were two years ago (W.A, S.A. & N.T.). It's a fantastic country! We'd be glad to hear from you time and again and will pursue your progress. Best wishes Renate & Walter
Elisabeth 1134649831000
jetzt hatte ich mal wieder zeit auf die homepage zu schauen - coole bilder! wünsche euch schon einmal - merry x-mas in sunny australia!! gehe das wochenende zum 1. mal schifahren elisabeth
Dagmar 1133250432000
Hi Nora, hi Marc! I've just seen your photos and I would definitely like to join you on your trip! In Vienna it's pretty cold and the "Christkindlmärkte" are open already. It's a shame we can't go for a "Punsch" but Australia is an acceptable excuse ... Take care of yourselves, Dagmar
Leady (Dad 1132742320000
Great to see you both and that you are enjoying the experience . Take care and look after yourselves.
Love Dad.
pam leadstone 1132515501000
Hello Marc, Nora. Hope you are both ok and that Posh is still getting you both about safely. England is very chilly, we have had quite a bit of frost and icy roads but sunny with it.Catch up with ur travels soon. Take care love from mam xxxx
Lisi 1131329716000
Looks great in Australia - I love your pics...especially the chilling kangaroo...too funny. However, enjoy, take sun and take care...speak to you soon. Greetings from colder Canada (we already had some snow
krisztina&trevor 1131308677000
Enjoyed reading your last updates and are looking forward to reading more soon. Hope POSH is taking you to new places.
We are following you on the map and in the book.
Big kiss from all of us from wet and "getting cold" Vienna.
Debbie Abby + Amy 1130184277000
Hi Nora + Marc
Just checked out ur site and you are obviously having the time of your lives.
Great to see the pics on there.
Hopefully one day we will get the chance to hook up again after such a long time.
Love and Best wishes Debbie.
Chrissie 1129731703000
Hey guys!
Glad to hear you have finally started the travels! I'm still in the caribbean and couldn't leave if i wanted to at the moment due to hurricane Wilmer. Rob is down visiting next week for my 25th and then the parents are down for xmas. My feet are itchy to travel and my work permit runs out Jan 06 so we will see. Where are you guys going to be then?!
Email me if you want a few recommendations for the Scuba Diving courses in Aus.
Chrissie x
Iris+Stefan 1129639110000
Hi Nora&Marc!!
Habt ihr Jonny bekommen? Wie geht es euch in Westaustralien? Wir haben bereits die ersten Tage Asien ueberlebt und freuen uns auf mehr! Liebe Gruesse aus Indonesien, Iris+Stefan
The Autor's comment: Hi ihr 2,
ja wir haben jonny bekommen - es war aber ziemlich anstrengend. julian war zuerst total positiv, hat zu gleichem deal wie euch zugestimmt, dann als mechaniker kam zum check war er ploetzlich negativ und wollte deal nicht mehr... dann war ziemlich viel hin am auto: euer minor oil leak war inzwischen ein major oil leak...alles in allem haben wir fuer 370 dollar repairs gemacht und jetzt gleichen deal. auto heisst jetzt aber POSH (sorry) und wir sind schon von 8x morgens starten auf manchmal 1x herunter... hoffen wir dass sie ohne weitere reparaturen uns treu bleibt. VIELEN DANK nochmals! hoffe es geht euch gut - wir sind grad in carnarvon!


Nora & Marc
astrid 1128795215000
wahnsinns bilder..lächz!!! ihr(und die winterähnlichen zustände in wien)haben massives reisefieber bei mir ausgelöst *** bin schon gespannt auf weitere reiseberichte,
lg astrid
The Autor's comment: hey astrid! wir sind grad in singapur airport und warten auf den flug nach perth - dort hat es im moment auch nur 20`C, also riesen-umstellung fuer uns! aber es wird von tag zu tag waermer im gegensatz zu wien... nora & marc
Dagmar 1128588806000
Hi Nora, hi Marc! Your round the world trip must have been amazing so far. I'm really impressed by your fotos!!! Wish you all the best for your next destinations... Bye for now, Dagmar
krisztina 1128527019000
Read your last days'stories again and saw all the pictures, too. They look great! No big news from Vienna - at the moment mild, 15-20 degrees, when sunny even more.
Eagerly reading further news.....
krisztina 1128527017000
Read your last days'stories again and saw all the pictures, too. They look great! No big news from Vienna - at the moment mild, 15-20 degrees, when sunny even more.
Eagerly reading further news.....
Krisztina 1128280460000
Hi U2!!!
Just finished to read your updates. Seems you have made some "nice" acquaintances. Brrrrr. I had a jellyfish bite in Mallorca/Cala Ratjada one early morning so I have an idea how it feels, although mine was not that bad, you might have got into a whole group. Looking forward to further ) but no horror)stories... big kiss from rainy and cold Vienna.
marc and nora L. [?] 1128184561000



Karin 1127937226000
Hi Nora&Marc!
Wie gehts Euch? Lasst Thailand schön von mir& Willi grüßen, wären auch gerne dort... geht ihr auf die Full-Moon-Party? Brav bleibn im "Golden Triangle" und auch sonst take care! Cheers, Karin
The Autor's comment: hey karin,

waren ganz brav...
...stell dir vor, in singapur gibt es einen stadtteil namens little india - reges treiben ganz wie in jaipur, egal wohin du schaust, nur inder...kommen da erinnerungen hoch?
adrian 1127822197000
have just seen your site. Hope all is well even with your Thai cooking!
Cheers Adrian
Elisabeth 1127297214000
Alles Liebe und viel Spaß beim Jahr Auszeit "around the world" - eure letzte Route nach Montreal habe ich ja schon einmal getestet freuen uns auf neue Berichte und Erlebnisse - Liebe Grüße, Elisabeth (in Ö hast du nix verpaßt, bereiten uns schon auf den Winter vor - 8 Grad in der Früh)
krisztina 1127250483000
Enjoy reading your trip reports with all the exciting and funny experiences. Keep up the good work and us updated. Wish you further alot of fun.
Till the next time from rainy and herbstlichem Wien...
NORA AND MARC 1127228192000

just a quick update to let u know we are doing fine - are in chiang mai right now and head to chiang rai tomorrow to see akha hill tribe people and golden triangle.
updated our travel report but didnt manage to upload some photos as the computer we used was pretty slow! so be patient! photos will come soon!

nora & marc
helmi 1127074120000
Hi Nora!!!!

ein dickes bussi aus dem verregneten graz!!!!

alles gute weiterhin bei deiner abgefahrenen tour

Birgitte 1126811919000
Hi Nora & Marc!
Bon voyage! Looking forward to some exiting news from your adventure! Take care,
Bisoux Birgitte
Nb. Nora - if you mmet any Danes, don't forget to sing "Vi skåler med vore venner, og dem som vi kender, og dem som vi ikke kender, dem skåler vi med!!!"
Ana (ex-SQL) 1126785469000
Hola Nora y Marc !!! I am sure you are having the time of your life... wish you all the best for this trip : )
Lots of besos from Madrid
KOnstanze 1126724594000
I wish you a lot of fun: Carlos and me are a bit offended that you will not come to Colombia ;.)
If you change the plans, you are so welcome to spend some time here with us in Medellin!!
Hasta pronto!
Aeron 1126686151000
Hello there!

Have a great time guys and i'll be looking to see what you're getting up to.

Lilli 1126627543000
Hi Nora, hi Marc,

wish you a great trip around the world and, to Nora, happy birthday!!!

marc and nora L. [?] 1125410486000
hey everybody,

this is our guest book and any comments/messages/wishes from you are very welcome.

Marc and Nora