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Guestbook :inconsistent news from southeast asia

Jesse 1291029446000
Reading this brought back so many memories. Thank you very much. I spent the last 2 winters in south east asia and am giving it up to live in whistler for the winter. Where you guys from. Me Wakefield Quebec outside of Ottawa. I was just searching tonsai and yor travelogue came up and i spent over an hour reading about your adventure.
Thanks again,
anonymous 1279799627000
Great nattation, lovely photos to live it up. Doing a bit of a research for my fars east trip, thanks for uploading your story.

Positive Energy Always Creates Elavation 1240137656000
i think that monkeys should not be hurt because thay are animals just like us
jules 1238669863000
Accidentally hit your web page and enjoyed it very much. Going to Asia in April so thanks for the interesting insight and photos.
Melanie 1216749532000
Looks like you guys had an awesome trip, Cat! I will definitely check out the Saigon highlights during my Vietnam excursion.
Luke 1195004604000
The Butterfly Garden Restaurant in Siem Reap has been under new ownership for over a year. An American woman purchased it and made extensive renovations.
nick 1178024598000
youre so lovely..i dont even know if you are a man... a woman...a genderless aphid (ok..maybe i can rule that one out) but I really liked youre writing and photos...
palanitemple 1160759904000
i really enjoyed this site. i got information about this temple. keep it up. this is my web site please visit and send your feedbck to me.
jackie 1158842708000
Hello, I'm a complete stranger but my husband and I are travelling down through China then into Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. I stumbled across your travelogue whilst searching for info online and just wanted to say thanks for the great ideas we've picked up and the giggles you've given us!
anonymous 1157273609000
i' coming there in about 3 weeks
Stanley 1143479359000
I dont remember ever spending more than 2 hours on a travel website and for just a part of it.
I just love your pictures and stories. I am so jealous !!!!
I will be back regularly. Make sure it stays parmanent.
Lauren-Eve 1141924915000
I can't even tell you how many times I've wished that I had a really cute frog living in my sink... *sigh*
Snick 1141871219000
Hahaha! Looks like someone fufilled your wish for Guestbook entries: SPaMBOTS! I guess you're just lucky you've gone this long without them. I wonder if they could smell the sweaty men in the "immigration" hut.

Speaking of that sketchy business, I totally think you got taken. Here's hoping you don't run into any officials who seek to inspect your clearly-falsified papers!
Snick 1141825542000
Update your bloody blog! How do you expect people to sign the guestbook when there is nothing to read?

Stay safe, yo.
Austin 1139618521000
Hey guys...I'm sure you didn't think you'd hear from me, but I think that the obvious envy emanating from Noel, Trystan, Eamonn, etc is starting to rub off on me...I liked the happy catfish...and the monkey rage stories (sorry Matt but it was hilarious!)...stay cool. Ciao.
Lauren-Eve 1139460571000
Just wanted to let you know that you have reached a new level of cool with those glasses. Of course, you already knew that.
Dylan. 1138922396000
p.s. from Dylan.
anonymous 1138922359000
Why does Catherine's left hand look so monstrously large in the "Catherine occupied herself" photo?

Look at it! It's huge!
Ryan 1138214066000
I don't get it... Pa-huk-et isn't funny at all. But Poo??? HILARIOUS.Poo i get... get it? Poo-get?

okay i'm done now
The Autor's comment: It is, of course, only fitting that just off the coast of "poo-get" province is "pee pee island" (phi phi). I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.
Jes 1137724132000
Do the "discover scuba" - one of the best "new" things I've done in my life (and not so scary as sky diving! but less tame than swimming with dolphins). Once you get over the "ohmygod I'm breathing from a tank on my back" feeling it's amazing the world underseas. Highly recommend it.
I'll send news when I can from Pakistan - miss you and thanks for the postcards. Great pics and LOVE THE MONKEYS!!!!
Daryl 1137628092000
I rather like to pronounce "Phuket" the same way it would be pronounced in English. That makes my reply more entertaining when people ask me where you guys are.
The Autor's comment: *sigh* Sadly the pronounciation is more like "poo-get". The Hs are totally superfluous and never get pronounced. Why do they use them then? Your guess is as good as mine. -cat
Knowl 1136926289000
What qualifies as a mediocre picture in your mind makes me really jealous of your photographic skills...and now I have a craving for strange Thai canned cream...or maybe pirate DVDs...
Snick 1136904159000
Thanks for the people pictures, Catherine (and Mat). The cream one looks fighteningly like something the guy in Bangkok's China Town should have been selling out of his garbage bag.
Bonnie and Dave and Sam 1136408802000
Hi Catharine and Matthew......its sooo nice to see your faces, Dave and I have been checking this site. Dave's sis is flying to Thailand as I am emailing this. Take good care of yourselves.....

later gator
Bonnie, Dave and Sam
Jasmine 1136149633000
This is one of the most well written, photographed, and put together travel blogs I've ever had the pleasure of reading! Thanks for sharing all your adventures. You make me incredibly jealous. Happy New Year. Catherine, check your email.
Jason 1135903987000
Hey... Good news! Entering "travelogue Mat" turns you up as the fourth hit on Google!

Just wanted to say Merry Christmas. It was all beautifully white and it's rained every day since. So we're all very jealous. Jerks.

Enjoy your sunshine.
T-Dawg 1134774602000
Oh eat it, all of you... I'll warm myself with sophie and einstein...
Paul-Nancy-David-Jessica 1134770282000
Thanks for letting us know you're lying brainlessly on some beach. It sounds like such a good idea we'll do the same - in Mexico - and we'll think of you.
Daryl 1134531570000
Rabies!!! I knew it!!!
I'm the ONLY person to have voted for rabies!

Eamonn 1134531125000
I'm mildly sorry to say, that we got together, and we've decided that it is funny that you got to attacked by a monkey. Come on man, Attacked by a monkey
The Autor's comment: oh yeah, it's all fine and good if it happens to someone else. Those macaques are BIG. it was absolutely horrifying. screw you guys.
ellen 1133916508000
Catherine -I miss you, I miss you, I miss you. Hope you are gaining an appreciation of our wonderful country and finding some direction for your life. I'm so glad you are doing this. Love you lots. Merry Christmas. mom
Nick 1133793096000
I think the sculpture looks like Ian Cox-Leigh. It clearly has the real bum's eye for clothes, like Ian. Is that what you were conspicuously hinting at?

I wanna see pictures of that park when you get back, dude.
emily 1132716054000
your pictures are making my mouth water.
i can hardly believe the adventures you're having!
T-Dawg 1132621879000
Mat, this is the first comment that I've posted here, and it may be too late, but please, please, PLEASE get the suit made!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!! You won't regret it, trust me... and seriously, think of the pictures!!!! DO IT MAN!!!!
The Autor's comment: is this TRYSTAN begging me to get a suit made? maybe buying an iron has changed you more than i thought! anyway, i got the suit made.. it's brown and very swank (and it only cost me $60). you'll have to wait till later for pictures, but there're some good ones.
Nickagain 1132233306000
I must add that is an excellent 'stache, Mat.
Nickabod 1132231886000
Dude! You have got Greece BEAT. The scenery in Laos is inexplicably cool. I wanted to shove my head through my monitor so I could get closer to that waterfall, disgusting leeches and all.

Thanks for sharing this with us.
The Autor's comment: thanks man. it's a waste of time if nobody enjoys it, eh.
Jes 1130497752000
What's the "big heavy purchase" from the night market? How are all your pharmaceutical supplies holding out? Is there any way for us to send you books over there at any point?
Also, please don't bring back any bird flu. EEwwwww. (Or rats!)
Jason 1129874216000
Hmm... Just in case the idea of doing it for the thrill crossed your mind, importing opium is good for life imprisonment.

I suspect prison is much less nice than Thailand.
Jason 1129873829000
Wow, not just entertaining, but now informative too! Hey, by the way, that opium stuff sounds kind of interesting. I've got ten bucks for you if you can get some back through customs...
chris 1129564132000
so much better (and more reliable) than my travelogue from panama. everything looks gorgeous. it makes me regret that laura's been there already so i may never get the chance. please, keep it up.
Nancy 1129213830000
Re Day 27 5:30 wake-up call. Ramadan began Oct. 4 - but I'm not sure if that coincides with your "day 27". Glad you're feeling better.
Emily 1128964410000
Wow, your pictures and stories are amazing and make your trip seem so much more real from the other side. I like photographing the tops of things too . Happy Thanksgiving, guys!
Laura 1128701330000
YES!!!! Giant inflatable octopus to float to mini-putt!!! I'm sorry but that is just brilliant.
Lauren-Eve (again!) 1128183588000
Ah, the faux-hawk! See Mat? Even the MONKEYS think it's cool!
Laura 1127952864000
WOW!!! That place looks insane! I'm totally fucking jealous!!! Here I am going to SCHOOL everyday like a sucker! Ah well, what can ya do? Hope you guys continue having a wicked time. Hey, guess what? I started an IV today for the first time!! Ya! Who's jealous now???? Huh? HUH!!!!????
Dylan 1127940877000
I just read all these entries during a lull at work. I laughed, I cried, I cursed my day job..

Good luck in your remaining travels and maybe you can pick up a ThaiMaster (c) exercise device.

Very entertaining!

Emonn 1127879447000
mAT - thought you would like to know, I've reversed positions on The Stones. AOK BYME.
cAT - Hoep all is great, Missed you both before you left the ground.
Jes 1127819707000
Ah, it takes sheek brilliance to fit a monkey Kids in the Hall quote into it, but you are, afterall, brilliant. Runs in the family I hear. Monkeys made my day. You really should try to bring a few home with you. We could start our own caged city of sorts. And trade them for expensive things, like... gas.
Lauren-Eve 1127568446000
Whee!! I finally read your entries. No complaints about the pictures here. They look amazing. Hope you guys are continuing to have a good time! Don't worry, you're not missing much here. The weather is starting to get cold, and gas is starting to get expensive.
Stew 1127497597000
The shots are fine, the text is sheer poetry. The country looks unreal and I'm glad you guys are having a good time. If you can score me a monkey that would be awesome. A spry monkey.
Dave 1127402047000
Yeh Mat and Catherine,
Finally able to access the site wihtout it crashing on me, just finished reading you entries sounds like fun. Hope all is well with both of you. Stay in touch and have fun.
Einstein and Sophie 1126694392000
Meoooow #!@!!# Meoooooooow ##!!@! WHERE ##@! ARE YOU??? WE MISS YOU!!

p.s. the old people are feeding, watering and brushing us ... but it isn't the same without you!!
Lauren-Eve 1126622651000
Hey Mat!
I'm looking forward to reading your first overseas entry! I guess by now you've probably arrived, and hopefully you're safe and everything's going swimmingly.

Right now I'm in Buffalo on a break from one of my classes. It's a far cry from Asia, but that's about all I've got for now in terms of travel excitement...

Have fun with your trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Miss you!
Jes 1126489966000
I think you've got it all together, Mat... though I still can't believe you're fitting your life into a small pack for 6 months! I hope you have an absolutely brilliant trip and come home safely to us with great stories of adventure and intrigue. Bon Voyage!