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Off to the bush: The Bucket List

Living in the bush leaves you thinking. There's not much to do. When work is finished you can watch TV / DVD, read, go for a walk or a run, but that's basically it.

As many of you I did read Bill Bryson's "Down Under". And it made me realize one thing: I AM IN AUSTRALIA!

Sounds weird, but isn't it that you get used to being here? Especially when you're stuck in one place because you work. There it is again: the everyday life. You get up early, you got your dutys, yougotta deal with trouble at work, you might even come home from work exhausted and feel like being in need of a holiday while you are on holiday.

Well there's certainly a good reason that this whole thing is called a WORKING holiday I certainly had an awesome time in Brissie, having met you all. No regrets mates!

But when you got that everyday life you somehow forget about the adventures you could have. And that is what Bill Bryson reminded me of: There are adventures in Australia. Talking about all the places he visited in his book he made my itchy feet even more itchy. Aaah, it was kinda giving me the feeling of missing out being here in the bush. But at the same time only staying here will give me the chance to come back for a 2nd year. Yeah shit mates, and then there'll be time for travelling!

Good old Bill reminded me of all the things I had been dreaming of back in Germany when I was still making my plans for Australia. But now I AM HERE! It was just about time to make a Bucket list. What's left to see and to do? What shall 2012 bring my way?

*Do the Indian Pacific and cross the continent!
*See Uluru!
*Take time to explore Sydney!
*Finally see Melbourne!
*Perth and WA!
*Go for landbased Whale Watching on Straddie!
*See Singapore!
*Return to the South Pacific (Fiji vs. Cook Islands)!
*Have a holiday in NZ!

Goodness, I have no idea how I can pay for al these activities... One things seems for sure: I need to go back to the Aussie Way to earn some money again. And then there's Saad of course. Still needs to be considered.

It seems sure to me that 2012 is gonna stay quite exiting. No reason to be bored in the future

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