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About me:
Jahrgang 61, Maschinenbauing., verh., 1 Sohn; im Kajak hauptsächlich an Ost- u. Nordseeküste, und Skandinavien unterwegs.
Homepage: www.kajaktraum.de

My travelogues

  • Three feet above the North Sea

    Three feet above the North Sea 2 weeks, a kayak and the intention to paddle the German North Sea Cost. Sounds very simple. It is simple if you really want it and if you skilled enough to do it. A beautyful journey in a beautiful landscape. Very close to the nature.
    Duration: 15 days June 2007 June 2007
  • The Wild Coast of Vancouver Island

    The Wild Coast of Vancouver Island Rounding Americas biggest Pacific Island in a kayak. Breath-taking wild, seeing whales from a fascinating distance and meeting great people. That is what expects the traveller here. A intense way of experiencing nature.
    Duration: 7 weeks August / September 2006 until Sept. 2006