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About me:
Speak German, not yet fluent but I'm working on it! Love visiting Europe. Favorite cities are Berlin and Amsterdam. Also visited Poland, Czech Republic, Scotland, Ireland, France, Switzerland and Denmark. Further travel aspirations include exploring Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Wales and more.

My travelogues

  • Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2002

    My first trip to Edinburgh, Scotland, and also my first experience of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Part of a longer trip to the Scottish Highlands, and also a side trip to Ireland.
    United Kingdom
    Duration: 5 weeks August / September 2002 until Sept. 2002
  • The Spreewald

    My 2001 trip to Germany, in particular the protected biosphere called the Spreewald. This trip also included Naumberg an der Saale and Eisleben, particularly my overnight at the newly rebuilt Kloster Helfta.
    Duration: 15 days September 2001 Sept. 2001