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About me:
I'm a new graduate of Michigan State University with a lust for travel and a few free months before starting real life. I'm filling that time by taking the trip I've always dreamed of: three months flying solo through Southeast Asia. As long as time and money hold out, I'm hoping to hit Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand, with a possible stopover in Switzerland near the end of my trip. This blog is meant to serve a couple of purposes. First, it's an easy means of keeping friends and family back home updated. Second, it will force me not to get too lazy about journaling--something that typically happens to me while traveling and something that I always regret. Thiaw hai sanuk!

My travelogues

  • Flying Solo in SE Asia

    Flying Solo in SE Asia A post-graduate's experience traveling without companions through mainland Southeast Asia.
    Duration: 4 months January - May 2010 until May 2010