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About me:
I have been traveling within the country all my life. My friends call me a walking 'India travel encyclopedia'.
I am a tour operator who also works as a freelance mountain guide. Being a freelancer ensures that I donot have to do the same thing again and again and thus get bored with what I do! So everytime I am with some new people - I am equally enthusiastic about the trip as they are!

I NEVER take pictures - that lets me WANT to travel back to see the pictures 'live'.

My motto in life: Money is important but not everything.

My travelogues

  • Stranded across the Rohtang

    On a recce trip to the newly opened Spiti valley, I learned why mountains are nobody's friends!
    From there on, no matter where I go, I am always prepared for the worst!
    Duration: 14 days October 1995 Oct. 1995