Work & Travel New Zealand 2008/2009

Travel time: August 2008 - August 2009  |  by Ulla-Christina Ludewig

My last chance for a "Working Holiday Visa" for new Zealand! So kiwis (all of them - fruit, birds and of course people), whales and dolphins beware, I´m coming!

Getting started

After traveling around in beautiful Australia with a Working Holiday Visa in 2002/2003 for 9 months, I didn´t get one particular thought out of my head anymore: doing the same in New Zealand! And now, after 5 years in Germany, I decided to go for it! Not an easy decision, leaving family, friends, job and my first own flat behind - but it is my last chance and I want to take it!

September 2007
My Working Holiday Visa / Work & Travel Visa is approved!! 1 month before my 31st birthday (which is the cutoff for the visa) it was granted and now I have 12 months time to start traveling. Means my visa will expire on September 11, 2008 - this is the day when I have to be in New Zealand!

German citizens between 18 and 30 years of age can get this visa for certain countries (for example Australia, New Zealand, Japan) to travel in these countries for 12 months and also work there to supplement their travel funds.

For Canada it is even possible to get the visa until the age of 35 (to be continued, ha ha...)

Next step after getting the visa: the flight! Mine is now booked and confirmed (yes, also paid) and although I´m not really happy with the price and the route, I can´t wait to start!

On August 11 I´m going to fly from Munich to London,
then via Asia (Singapore I guess, it´s not on the itinery)
to Sydney and then to Auckland.

What I´m not happy with? Well, wanted to do a nice stopover in Singapore or Thailand, but that wasn´t possible for that route and the other ones would have been even more expensive... The reason according to the travel agent: I booked to late (ummmmm, didn´t know that 7 months in advance is too late) and the Olympic Games. Wait a minute, the Olympic Games are in China - what does my flight have to do with this?? Anyway, I take it as it is and look forward to my big adventure!

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The trip
Start of journey: Aug 11, 2008
Duration: 12 months
End of journey: Aug 10, 2009
Travelled countries: New Zealand
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