France 2006

Travel time: November / December 2006  |  by Witney W.

Nov 30th- Paris

On Thursday, I got up and went to work. Jeff and Ray slept in until noon or something. (Jerks.)

Once they were finally up, they went to lunch and then to the Louvre. They wandered around the antiquities wing. They saw Oriental, Egyptian, Greek, Etruscan and Roman antiquities including Ain Ghazal ...
The statues were found at the Neolithic site of 'Ain Ghazal, in central Jordan during excavation in 1983. The site was initially discovered during the building of a new road in the 1970's on the north-east outskirts of Amman and most excavation has been of a rescue nature, made necessary because of extensive development taking place in the area.

Ain Ghazal

Again we met them after work and went out to dinner in the neighborhood. Are you seeing a pattern here?

Jason Howlett shares his crass British humor with Danny Brosens who is from Belgium.

Jason Howlett shares his crass British humor with Danny Brosens who is from Belgium.

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The trip
Well, it's almost time to go home, but I really did intend to work on the travelogue while we were here. The event was TOTALLY crazy. We had 2500 people attend over the course of the weekend. It was definitely great, but left little time or energy for writing. So, there's my excuse....I will try to catch up. The MTG world championships were in Paris this year. After Paris, we went to see my friend Kate and her family in the South of France.
Start of journey: Nov 26, 2006
Duration: 15 days
End of journey: Dec 10, 2006
Travelled countries: France
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