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Travel time: February 2007  |  by Witney W.

Well folks, I'm on the road again in Europe. PT Geneva is this weekend and Renee and I are site visiting again. I have to be a little more subtle about where I'm site visiting. I don't want to inadvertantly leak confidential information. But I figure it doesn't matter. If you are checking this site, you probably know where I am. :)


Well, tomorrow I fly home from Switzerland. Sorry I've been away from the travelogue the whole time, but I don't really have the energy after the show. I don't really take photos at the show anyway, so there isn't much to see.

The show went well, very smooth, average attendance. It's nice to have a normal show after the craziness of Worlds. I know I should wish we were really, really busy again, but it's nice to be a little over staffed and over prepared instead of the reverse. The good news is that our new daily video coverage went well. We were number 5 on You Tube this weekend. The bosses were happy.

Switzerland has been moderately cold and rainy this week. We've been staying at the Crown Plaza next to the Geneva Palexpo, which was the venue for the tournament. The hotel is nice, nothing extravagant, but clean and comfy. The biggest down side is that we aren't really near any restaurants or a neighborhood here. So, we've pretty much spent a week in this hotel and the Geneva Palexpo.

My hotel room in Geneva

My hotel room in Geneva

I worked until midnight in order to finish packing the show last night. I wanted to make sure that everything was going in the right direction. Our next show is in Japan, and I don't want to be missing something there since it's so hard to get a hold of things.

So, today I was able to sleep in until 10:30 and then we met down in the lobby at noon to go sight seeing. We didn't have much of a plan. We had lunch in a little bar first and then walked around the Old City or Vielle Ville as they call it.

Jason Howlette (back), Lee Singleton, Me, and Laura Kilgore

Jason Howlette (back), Lee Singleton, Me, and Laura Kilgore

I think this is the hotel Les Armeurs

I think this is the hotel Les Armeurs

We stumbled upon a park overlooking some of the city and the mountains. We couldn't resist spinning. It turned out to be kind of sick-making.

Renee didn't spin. She rode the little horse.

Potable water.  Want a drink???

Potable water. Want a drink???

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