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Travel time: March - June 2007  |  by Sandra Goritschnig

pre-departure: Itinerary

So, What's the real deal with this voyage?
I got myself a lovely Great Escapades fare round the world ticket from Virgin Atlantic (together with Singapore and Air New Zealand), which may not go everywhere, but to all the places I intended to visit.
So, first stop is London, where I'm embarking on this trip
Flying to Capetown for my Birthday, and to hang out with my friend Sarah until St. Paddy's day, visiting I dont know what during that time. Then up to Durban, to go on some cool safaris (me want see hippos and rhinos and lions!!!!), hike the drakensberg mountains and as a final icing on the cake hit world famous Kruger park.
From Johannesburg i'm taking a flight to Singapore, to meet some more friends (oh how lovely to stay for free all over the world . I'll be doing an overlanding trip through Malaysia, Thailand and Cambodia before returning to Singapore for another birthday party.
Day after the party: flight to Auckland (let someone else do the cleanup for once!), where I'll be exploring the North Island for 2 weeks.
Then, via San Francisco up to Vancouver, home away from home, to catch up with friends and celebrate my graduation (oh yes, I have defended some time ago, hence the need for some time off including adventure etc..). My parents are also coming for the festivities and together with them I'll be doing the typical tourist RV adventure along the westcoast down to SF from where we're returning to Europe.

Now. that's the plan, let's see what's gonna happen.

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The trip
Very exciting times ahead, I'm gonna do a trip around the world! Starting from London I'll do South Africa, Singapore and South East Asia, Newzealand and the North American West coast and back to London. Wow! I'm looking forward to sharing my experiences with you!
Start of journey: Mar 03, 2007
Duration: 4 months
End of journey: Jun 20, 2007
Travelled countries: South Africa
New Zealand
The Author
Sandra Goritschnig is an active author on break-fresh-ground. since 17 years.
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