Cross Country Road Trip- USA

Travel time: August 2007  |  by Christina E.

The cross country road trip that has failed to materialize for 3 years but finally, fulfilled in the year of 2007. Two (crazy) girls set out one early Tuesday morning and in their journey's wake, meet transvestites, cute boys, get bitten by mosquitoes, get pierced with rusty nails and squirted in the eye with 'porn sausage', hang with bums and riffraffs at Union Station....


On August 7, 2007 at approximately 1:30am, Jen and I left in our clunker of a rental and set the GPS navigation for The Grand Canyons in Arizona. With our cooler, duffel bags and blankets piled into the backseat, we were ready for our adventurous adventure across the United States!

Map of route driven

Map of route driven

Total mileage driven: 7,473.2 miles
Cost of car rental: $780.83
(includes: GPS and insurance)
Cost of fuel: $600
Total hours of sleep: 45 hours
(hours calculated for entire x-country trip)
States visited: 28
Cigarettes smoked: 10 packs
Sausage McMuffins eaten 8
Gas station sleepovers: 4
Amish sightings: 3
Sleeping bags packed: 2
Strip clubs frequented: 1
Cop pull-overs: 1
Sleeping bags used: 0
Belly-aching laughs: countless

© Christina E., 2007
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The trip
Start of journey: Aug 07, 2007
Duration: 11 days
End of journey: Aug 17, 2007
Travelled countries: United States
The Author
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