Exploring the Pacific - Japan, New Zealand, Australia

Travel time: September 2008 - February 2009  |  by Katharina Gabriel

Within five months I will travel three pacific countries. First, Japan by attending a conference in Tokyo and afterwards exploring the empire for ten days. Then, I'll visit my oldest friend in New Zealand where she's now living and working. In the end, there'll be three and a half months in Australia with a working-holiday-visa.


For a long time, I have the dream to travel and live in Australia. Some chances passed by, as I didn't made it during the period of studying geography or right afterwards... By now, I almost finished my PhD on heat waves and health effects and so seize the chance of the gap that will arise after it!

The indirect route over Japan and New Zealand may seem a little bit strange - but has its reasons:

  • In Tokyo there will be this International Conference where to present some results of my thesis. Afterwards, there will be ten days of exploring the extremes of Japan: lively Mega-Cities and quiet gardens - Manga and Meiji - sushi-to-go and tea ceremony. Colleagues from Germany will join me passing this adventure in japanese characters...

  • In Hamilton, New Zealand, I will visit my oldest friend for three weeks. We got to know each other some days before primary school started - what is now 25 years ago!

  • Finally, for 16 weeks I'll stay in Australia! I have a working-holiday-visa and will see what will happen and where to go to.

I have my ticket, I told my prof, my health insurance for abroad is in progress - there is only my thesis to be done!

© Katharina Gabriel, 2008
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The trip
Start of journey: Sep 19, 2008
Duration: 5 months
End of journey: Feb 18, 2009
Travelled countries: Japan
The Author
Katharina Gabriel is an active author on break-fresh-ground. since 16 years.