Bolivia 2008

Travel time: November 2008  |  by Oliver Schuetz

Planned is a two-week trip to Bolivia, mainly in the Altiplano with a short detour half way into the jungle. Not sure whether I will be able to attach photos during the trip, so make sure to visit the pages later again.

The Plan

The planned route would be:

  • Nov 12-15: La Paz (with "climbing" the 5500m high Chacaltaya)

  • Nov 16-18: Potosi (with a visit to the mines)

  • Nov 18-20: Sucre (the "White City")

  • Nov 21: La Paz

  • Nov 22-24: Coroico (following the "Death Road" half way into the jungle)

  • Nov 24-26: La Paz

But "manifestaciones" and "bloqueos" are not unknown in Bolivia, so let's see how the original plan goes.

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The trip
Start of journey: Nov 12, 2008
Duration: 15 days
End of journey: Nov 26, 2008
Travelled countries: Bolivia
The Author
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