I need to get out of here - London

Travel time: July / August 2009  |  by Melanie Kasüske

2 month in Germany is far too much so I've decided to go to London over the weekend to catch up with some of my friends I've met during traveling around the world.

The plan

I don't know how it's going to work out in the end but surprises are always the best, aren't they?!

I'm going to stay at Chris', a friends place, whom I've met in New Zealand traveling on the Straybus with a great group of people.
While in London I'm also going to catch up with Tanya who I've met in Queenstown as well as Greg and Reetu who I've met diving in Koh Tao / Thailand.

I hope it's going to be a great weekend.

Some of the parts that always need a lot of thinking:

How to get there?
First of all I wanted to fly. At least I'm living surrounded by 4 airports, CGN, DUS, DTM and FRA
I knew I'm not going to fly with Ryan Air as I really, truly and deeply hate this company for some reason you probably all know.
I've checked out every single airline flying to London but I didn't find anything under 130EUR, which is not much but I would have still have to get to the airport and from one of London's airports to the city.

The "Deutsche Bahn" (train) has a London-special the whole summer long for 98EUR there and back again but it was fully booked out. But it wouldn't be the "Deutsche Bahn" if there weren't more specials and so there was this special for 118EUR which was cheap but I've had to check out one last option.

I checked different buscompanies and they were cheap as well. Around 100EUR from Cologne (Koeln) to London. But then there is still the train I'd have to take to Cologne.

As for different reasons, like I don't like to sit in busses, it's less comfortable in a bus and I've never gone underneath an ocean by train, I decided to take the train.

Tomorrow morning I'm going to head off to London and I'm going to return to Germany on Monday.
I hope the "Deutsche Bahn" is not as bad as I remember from 2 years ago and I'm going to get there and back again without any problems.

Swine flu
To be honest, I cannot understand people who are scared of going on holiday because of swine flu.
To all those people: Do you realize that we have swine flu in Germany as well?! So you best just hide in your little room and never go out again

Just to tell: I'm not scared. There are more people dying from a normal flu than swine flu, so where's the problem?
And no I'm not going to only greet my friends from far away I'm going to give them a hug as normal.


L-O-N-D-O-N here I come

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