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Travel time: September / October 2009  |  by Alexandra Oberste-Dommes

My Trip through Borneo - Sarawak in September / October 2009

How great an upgrade can be

I finally made it to Singapur with an hour delay, caused by standing in a plane queue on Frankfurt airport and not moving for ages.

The flight was awesome. Awesome? Economy class? 12 hours? Well, take this

2 days before my flight Lufthansa called me offering me the spectacular deal to upgrade to Business class for simply 350 Euro on top, so all together 750 Euro. I refused, as I'd rather spend my precious money in Malaysia than travelling business class. i asked the lady on the phone whether the floight was overbooked and how big the chances are to get a free upgrade, as I have a frequent traveller card. She said no chances, as the machine was only half booked. Aha.. why then try to get me into business class?

Anyway, when I boarded I scanned my ticket and moved on, when the Lufthansa lady came after me telling me I forgot my new seating voucher. New seating voucher? Sure, machine half booked.. it was fully booked and there you go: seat 10A, window seat in business class.. Though I have no luck in life in general, I at least always have luck with flights and free upgrades

So enjoyed a 12 hour flight to Singapur, slept almost 6 hours, enjoyed the meal, and most of all: the free wine and the free Gin Tonic. As I already had a couple of drinks in the lounge i fell asleep pretty fast due to being a little drunk

Now in Singapur. The airport is amazing. I have spent 30 min in the swimming pool on the roof and now use the free internet. Frankfurt airport can learn a lot And its rediculous how clean it is here.. oh, by the way, I had to leave my chewing gum in the plane, as its your"re not allowed to take it to Singapur. Ridiculous, but damn it is clean.

Another hour and my flight to Kuching will be leaving, so I gotta make a move now.

Next station: Kuching, Malaysia.

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