A reunion on Kodiak (English version)

Travel time: September / October 2005  |  by valesca schaefer

I was lucky to get a cheap flight to Alaska where I want to meet up with my boyfriend Ian. He is working at a remote lodge on Kodiak. After the season ends we want to go on a wilderness hike.

pleasant anticipation ...

The idea of coming back to Kodiak had been on my mind for quite some time. And as I found a flight to Anchorage for only 99 Euros (that's real, there's no digit missing) I didn't have to think very long.
The last tickets available for this rate are on 9/11 but I'm not superstitious!

Everything fits together just perfectly: I'll show up at my brother's wedding the day before, my backpack already packed, and get dropped off at the airport the next morning. I'll have to change planes in Anchorage. I'll take a flight with Era because it's a little bit cheaper than Alaska Airlines. I first thought to get a flight with UPS to the island as I was told that this is the cheapest way to get there. But it turned out to be a rather long journey and therefore not really worth the hassle.

If the weather is going to be nice I get flown out to Zachar Bay Lodge by Kingfisher Aviation on 9/13 when they pick up a group of leaving tourists. I will probably use hat one day I have to spend in Kodiak to get some sleep...

Ian will then have to work for some more days, guiding tourists. I might join him fishing for salmon.

After the season ends we will leave into the wilderness! As there are no trails we will hike along a river, getting to and from the "trailheads" by boat and/or floatplane. The plan is to hike up the Spiridon River and cross the pass south of Koniag Peak to the the other side of the island and walk down to Old Harbour.

Beginning of October we will travel on to Las Vegas and explore the desert with a rented car for another two weeks.

The biggest problem for me seems to be the question of how to endure the time until take-off...


Next week at this time (local time Germany) I'll already be at Anchorage
I should start packing to see if there is something missing so I can still buy it. I now have some simple wading pants made out of PVC. They are not as good and insulating as neoprene ones, but they will do I hope. In Germany wading pants normaly have the boots already attached. But as I prefer to walk in some hiking boots to avoid blisters etc I didn't buy these. They would have been far too expensive anyway.

Ian sent me a picture of the river this morning so I can "behold my destiny"

Spiridon River (by Ian)

Spiridon River (by Ian)

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