Cambodia 2004

Travel time: July / August 2004  |  by Christian Werner

Hua Hin (Thailand)

After we rested a day in Bangkok we arrived in Hua Hin the following day. We found a nice room at the seaside and discovered the beach. The beach isn´t as good as others in Thailand (Ko Samui for example) but it is acceptable.

The next days we enjoyed relaxing on the beach. Nicole got sunburnt. The nights we spent inside the bars of Hua Hin. Hua Hin is a main tourist quarter. The prices are generally more expensive than everywhere else in Thailand. The whole town and its typical guests are a bit snoblike. I felt like to be at the wrong place. Older men and women at the middle of their lifes, partely with children who don´t see more about Thailand then Hua Hin and Bangkok Airport. These kind of tourists are coming back to the same place each year and don´t know anything about Thai food or Thai life. They enjoy horse riding on the beach, staying in the Hilton hotel and eating Hamburgers or Pizza. The only part of Thai "culture" you will find here is sex tourism and while young Thai girls approaching older Western men they felt very pleased and are proud of theirselves that they having this much success with the women. Back in Europe they tell everybody how nice Thailand is and they feeling theirselves as Thailand experts while knowing absolutely nothing about the country and its history.

The only funny thing happened to me. We were going to collect mussels one morning on the beach. On our way back to the hotel we passed something like a small yachthabour, with a few steps to go down. I went down the steps to have a look for the mussels, when a barking dog came running. I turned arround running up the steps but the dog follows. Once back with Nicole we realised that the dog just wanted to play with us. Nicole was starting to laugh while I was still a bit shocked. But to watch this scene it must be good enough for cinema. Because Hua Hin is a bit sinewy if you stay here to long we returned to Bangkok a bit earlier than expected and enjoyed a trip on the boat through the old Klongs of Thonburi.

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