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Waqar Ali Sial 1260711159000
As-Salamu 'Alaykum

Great Job!
Lovely Pics, Beautiful Writings.
I am planing to study there in south america, so i wanna know somwthing deep about these countries. But fortunately i found your travelogues.
Thank You Madam.

And yeah! I forgot to tell you that you're so beautifull!

Fi Amanillah

Waqar Ali Sial
from Pakistan
Waqar Ali Sial 1260711131000
As-Salamu 'Alaykum

Great Job!
Lovely Pics, Beautiful Writings.
I am planing to study there in south america, so i wanna know somwthing deep about these countries. But fortunately i found your travelogues.
Thank You Madam.

And yeah! I forgot to tell you that you're so beautifull!

Fi Amanillah
anonymous 1212582216000
very god thanks biutyfoooooooool
bye i love u
majid ..to iran
Betty 1193006087000
Wow...looks like you two had a wonderful time!
I envy you both.
ben 1175068229000
carolina how many times do we have to go through this miss uruguay is a man! didn't i teach you anything with all those late nights at gilligans.xxxxxxben
anonymous 1175049813000
Hello You Two, Wish I was there! And happy belated birthday Curly. It looks like soooo much fun.....just bumming around eating steak sandwiches and drinking daquiris.
(By the way Curley - Tash finally has her charger back!!) Love to you both, Love Loula xxx
Nikkerz 1175031856000
Thanks for the pork gals! a sweet treat before i start the day! bless you both!
Bobu & Jojo 1174809697000
Happy Birthday Curly ! Sorry, we forgot as you are still on the other side of the world.. Not much going on here.
wayne 1174253584000
oh yeah, thats right - water goes in dams! i remember that... can you bring some home for us. lov you's guys and gals. travel safe
Jojo 1173053974000
hola bleshes! miss u already! miss claude too! sent a few smsses but obviously not getting through enjoy your last few weeks before Juli changes the lock on your front door and that strange chick won't let you in.. Rome was great, found out the caesars even had a vomitorium which i think we needed in SA after all that food..
have a safe trip home Juli, Kelli u keep bleshing around the world, hope you find better kissers on your journey and little lina- keep blogging! love you guys xxx jojo & bobu
Sebastian 1172612981000
Nice journey there, hopeing for one such as that soon with a couple of friends. Though we'll be taking my car as far as im concerned. But Lovely homepage and great photos! May your travels never dull! =)

Yours truly Sebsatian Siemer
Nikkerz 1172610739000
Ay Carumba!!! I guess you're really in Rio now!
I thank you (and I'm sure many others do too) for all the bikini shots and brown bottoms, it's suddenly summer and I'm wearing a smile! Just one more request- how about a shot of a gorgeous brasilian babe in a bikini, EATING PORK!!!! are you up for the challenge? I mean what else is there to do there? did you have any plans? geez I'm jealous of you guys!!! Love love!
Lionel 1172375082000
Wooah awooah.... When My Baby,When My Baby ...goes to Rio,Rio De Janeiro,she wears wedgies(string bikinis) dah de dah dedah what a blast.....
Just singing along to my latest CD purchase..$10 from a garage sale. What a bargain.
All those wedgies must be uncomfortable for those laideez.
Someone with a pork fetish should see these photos.
gay 1172295738000
My god am I jealous of your adventures! The photo of the chook brought tears to my eyes as I remembered my old girl, Feral. The trek in Patagonia made me feel adventurous, but old. The sky photos reminded me of outback Queensland. I can't wait to get back out there. I know what you mean when you say that the sky seems endless and the stars have a magical quality when you are away from civilization. Great to hear that things have gone so well with the Latino family.Lots of love and hope to have long talks and many drinks when you get back Auntie Gaitor
Nikkerz 1171956241000
geez is there anywhere on earth you guys ARENT going to? muchos gracias for all the shots of meat dripping in their juices, it goes to show that people and their appetites are really just the same, all over the world. its a beautiful thought tinged with sadness and hope. i cant wait til you guys go somewhere where it HOT and you get some shots of HOT latina ladiez in bikinis made of floss and their hairs all long and wild. promise me you will? stay away from spitting glaciers, love youse all and miss youse too xxxooo
Leonie 1171940974000
Hi Carolina, this is Leonie (Kelli's friend.) She just sent me the link, so I've spent an hour going thru your travels. Sounds like you are all having an amazing adventure and reading about it is making me very jealous! You have taken some gorgeous photos so the scenery must be incredible.
Hope the fun continues, and looking forward to the next installment!
Take care,
soysaucia 1171931913000

i love
1) the roaming packs of dogs in puerto natales
3) julius looking like harrison ford in the middle of the W trek
4) the glaciers - oh the glaciers!
5) the beaming smile on your face in every single shot in spite of some pretty difficult times

love you both loads

m a ca 1171727346000
hola carolina! ojalá leas esto algún día
te cuento que mis papás están de vacaciones en puerto varas y yo me quedé en santiago con mi amiga evelyn (te acuerdas, la del tatuaje, jaja)
quiero decirte que siempre me acuerdo de ti, aunque no haya estado mucho tiempo compartiendo contigo, te aprendí a querer mucho y espero que vuelvas en marzo para que salgamos a conocer más lugares. pásalo bien en tus viajes y siempre recuerda que en santiago hay mucha gente que te quiere mucho y que te recuerda. un abrazo grande y saludos al julio. adiós.
justin 1170239390000
hola..Wayne sent me the link 4 this..just to wish you's safe and fun travels and see you down the track! take care. justin
Gay &Lionel 1170194364000
Sorry to hear that you and Julius got pastel de choclo poisoning.Will catch up on your return.Keep on dancing(cure for the above poisoning).
terry walkington 1170107394000
HiCarolina and Julian,
been enjoying your travels enormously. Hope you get down to Patagonia. It is high on my list of must see places while it is still there.
enjoy the trip ! uncle terry
Judy & Carl 1170071739000
Hi JoJo we miss you already. Have a great trip. Good luck with greekafyiing the South Americans and remember to take your rings off your fingers or they will chop them off!!
Nikkerz 1170055618000
Sigh....sadly no pork shots in this bunch, but I am holding my breath for Brasil and all the meaty goodness you are sure to experience there!! Ay carumba baby! Tiamo carne de cerdo!! Oink xxx
foshia 1170046770000
you guys ROCK the known world. please come back soon we miss you. it is such a joy to see you so happy....sigh. australia day was crazy without you. if you'd been here, it would have been a completely calm and civilised affair. instead we danced drank sang out of tune pretended to play nice bought way too much champagne and shouted over the top of each other which was strange and very novel.
jamie 1169973263000
i don't know how you set up all those elaborate sets and find all those dark skinned midgets in Mona Vale.

xxx jamie
El tio samy 1169941274000
Carolita, I am very proud of you, it is good to know where your roots are, and never forget where you are coming from. Family ties that bind and very tight. Love Tio Samy and Tia Linda.
Dylan 1169685483000
It all looks so amazing.... what an amazing trip.. to see the family on both of your sides and to get involved in so much more than just a holiday.. its a reunion and amazing times all in one... missing you guys.. have fantastic rest of the trip... im very very jealous... xox

Sarah 1169437519000
Wow!! What an amazing experience to meet & stay with your family. It will be pretty spectacular time to look back on. Julius, don't let em tell you otherwise, your gringo face is quite ok
Nige & Brig's wedding was tops but there was a big Julius & Carolina shaped hole- can't wait till you're back home. Sarah x
anonymous 1169347332000
Now we know where you get your pork fetish from...Lina.
Nikkerz 1169329176000
Oh lordy you two are the hottest lookin sweaty ass gringos I've seen in a long time. thankyou so much for showing all the pork action, I am curious to see how my favourite meat is prepared and eaten in all places around the world and this being the Year of the Pig it seems especially appropriate to highlight porcine products in our fellow continents. do you eat chorizo for breakfast? is bacon a merely european tradition? is it possible to eat pork breakfast, lunch and dinner in chile? mmm, the mind boggles.... miss you guys xxxxxxooooxxxx
Lou 1168911705000
Goodness. I almost didn't recognise you fully-clothed on Senorita.
mosia 1168657615000
you're both always looking so hot like international jet setting models, how the hell do you do it? sydney is stoney broke, erratic in climate and preparing madly for yet another wedding....love you both stupendously give julius a nice hard smack for me xxxxxxxxxx gosh
Loula 1168207090000
Tried to call your mobile and text you on new years Lina, but forgot that you havent charged your phone due to the luggage thingy! So: Happy New Year! How's Chile? Cant wait to see photos.
See ya in Rio, Michelle xxxx
ben 1167803146000
it looks so 1970 in denmark. i love it
franc 1167782097000
it's all so very danish! looks lovely and very festive indeed... now its sudamericana here you come! a little different... say hola from me and eat as much parilla as you can. although maybe watch out for the unidentifiable tripa (!)... lotslove. xf.
jojo 1167778703000
Hey Little Lina & YourJulie!
Missed you heaps on NYE Lina, even had a little sook You're the organizational queen and i felt quite lost without your usual event planning... Looks like your having a ball (love all the Danska design) and i can't wait to catch up with u two. Yay! Chile here we come (25 more sleeps) xx jojo
jamie 1167774211000
dear webmaster,

I have subscribed to many porn sites in the past but never one like this... while the pictures of the roast pork and children are very exciting I have not yet seen the exquisite Danish pastries or open sandwiches you promised in your preview. Can you please assist me... do I have to upgrade my account for the harder stuff?

Kind regards

elicia 1167734061000
happy new year! sounds like ur having a great time.. loving your travelogue.. carolina, you should write a book. lov u heaps. xx
Curls 1167733369000
Carolina you look like you're about to drop that poor baby!
Loula 1167298923000
Love the photos. You both look great. Does Juli have to give that jumper back to Uncle Soren? Bob's already eyeing it off.
Have fun in Madrid.
Love Jo, Curly, Bob and Loula xxxxx
nairn 1167191521000
Hope you get your bag back! Sounds like a great time so far...we're missing the road but glad to hear your tales to keep us going. Loving Phelps st and the orange light. Have a fab NY!
Lou 1167118109000
Marvellous log senorita!
Merry Chrissy

PS And was pleasantly surprised to get to the end of your log and find a link to a page for mature travellers. Thanks
Lionel 1167090299000
I thought the only good thing that came out of Denmark was Danish tarts. Now you've got me rethinking....
gay 1167090179000
Well it sounds as though you guys are having a really good time, apart from the hassles of losing luggage and missing planes. When you get back we will have to compare loo tales. Have a great time and we will keep reading. Love you Gay and Lionel.
Dylan 1166758590000
no traveling is complete unless somebody has fucked you over or up.... enjoy..
ps say hi to the denmark relos..
Sarah 1166670818000
Hope you found some undies to wear guys! Keep the stories coming and hope you get your stuff back very soon from the black hole (heathrow).

S xo
Loula 1166665308000
Hey You Two,
Love the travelogue. We were laughing (a little) at how you would be the only person we know organised enough to update this and keep it going! (Please do). On the Monday after you left Jo and Curley and I were saying how much we already miss you both.
Have a great Christmas - maybe Santa will bring your luggage?? Love Loula
dr ben 1166607266000
hi guys loving the travel stories,hopefully you've got your luggage back by now .....i'm watching america's next top model now,absolutely nothing has changed since you've been gone ....have fun .love ben
bobu 1166583000000
Lets just hope they don't send your luggage back to Australia.
Merry Xmas !!!
Leigh 1166573285000
Hey Gorgeous Girl,
Loving your stories, have you got your luggage yet?? So whats the plan after Denmark? Only 2 more sleeps till we leave for Xmas hols, we are all quite excited. The weather has be nice until today, it's rainy and cloudy, but it's gonna be warm in Cairn, I hope.......Keep the photos coming and have a wonderful Christmas sweetness. xxxx leigh x
Kelkal 1166550470000
Hi there! Love hearing about your adventures and seeing the pics. Have a very happy holiday and a crazy New Year's in Madrid. Can't wait to hear more stories.

Bingo 1166521187000
Hey darlings,
Hope you have the clothing all sorted. You look pretty hot in the bottom photo so the relos clothes must be working ok for you! Let me know if you need me to bring some extra digs for the Madrid leg.
And I hope your comments about Heathrow weren't sarcastic... it ABSOLUTLEY is super fun land! All that too-ing and fro-ing between terminals... sheer bliss!
Big kiss,
Trisho 1166505509000
Hey you two! Love the travelogue. Keep it coming. I hope you now have your luggage and some warm clothes on. Those nordic temperatures can be a killer if you only have on a bikini! Missing you. Love Trish xx PS Had a beer in your lovely backyard on Sunday. Did you know there is a tree growing out of your wall?
Curls 1166235692000
How was Phu Phu and Phi Phi? All same same here. We miss you guys. Onwards to Denmark!
your annoying sister 1165924703000
LOL? BEYONCE? haha..mum said bye as you already heard! and i say; dont get food poisoning and have a good trip. dont come crying to me when a bull runs you over

love bernie
anita 1165834616000
Excellent! if you're in London or NY - let me know as it would be fantastic wonderful to see you lovelies xx
ruth 1165675821000
this is outrageous - when you return will you be my personal travel agent?! don't miss your flight Beyonce and if you decide to take in tokyo there's room on my tatami... ruth
Sarah 1165660487000
Yay! So exciting! Street food is ace in Thailand..but watch out for those bulls in Madrid .. and don't forget to come back, I'll be waiting. Big love my lovlies.. Sarah x