Mali 2001

Travel time: September / October 2001  |  by Christian Werner

Mali 2001: Mopti

About 5 o´clock in the morning the 640 km to Mopti were done and when it got light I took my belongings and started to walk to Bar Mali, which I had choosen as my hotel here. Like many other cheap hotels in Africa the Bar Mali works as a brothel as well, which realy doesn´t matter as this didn´t disconcerted. By the way this was the only place in town were Guinness was served. This has a special background, as Guinness cancvassed with the slogan "The Power Of love" in Africa. Since most Africans believe that Guinness enhances nocturnal performance. Well, if this is the idea Guinness had when they started the campaign has to be questioned....

The same morning I saw a first highlight of the way of life in Africa. Just in front of my hotel was something like a football place where kids where playing each day. This day there was an offical match of two school teams. This schoolgame had more visitors than most 3rd division games in Germany but, on the other site, you won´t find a match in this class which is just as good as these school kids.

Mopti itself is a small nice city with the mosque at its landmark. But there are more nice places to discover like the markets at the habour. So I spent an interesting day before I left for Djenné.

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The trip
From Bamako to Mopti, Djenné, Dogon Country, along the Niger to Timbuktu and through Segou back to Bamako
Start of journey: Sep 13, 2001
Duration: 4 weeks
End of journey: Oct 13, 2001
Travelled countries: Mali
The Author
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