Mali 2001

Travel time: September / October 2001  |  by Christian Werner

Mali 2001: The Sahara

Togehter with my guide Mohamed and two camels I started a 3 days long trek to the Sahara. There wasn´t much to see there and the biggest problem was the heat. The temperature raised during the day times to more than 50 degrees and my drinking water went to hot to drink soon. The most interesting thing were the nights. Because of it was full moon it was light enough to read a book at night without a flashlight. Now I could understand why it will be easier for the caravans to go at night without problems. A little sandstorm brought problems in the 2nd night. There was no part of my body I couldn´t find sand- free then. The most important thing then was to protect the eyes but they still hurts 3 days later. Alltogether I was happy to return to Timbuku 3 days later.

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The trip
From Bamako to Mopti, Djenné, Dogon Country, along the Niger to Timbuktu and through Segou back to Bamako
Start of journey: Sep 13, 2001
Duration: 4 weeks
End of journey: Oct 13, 2001
Travelled countries: Mali
The Author
Christian Werner is an active author on break-fresh-ground. since 17 years.