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Guestbook :John's Around the World Adventure 2005/2006

positive cmmt :) 1285827786000
well done! great pictures!!
just get some captions of pictures right
great job mate
cool person 1285744664000
dude i feel so sorry for you
HK VIP 1285744142000
wow dude,
looks like you had a lot of fun in Hong Kong
you should go to Disneyland next time, it's really fun
i agree with the previous comment that there is no Chinatown in Hong Kong
because Hong Kong is like a big Chinatown
nice try!
anonymous 1285743307000
Have you even been to HONG KONG may i ask? not trying to be mean or anything but i think you are lying.
better luck next time kiddo
Philip J Fry 1250318141000
Australia Zoo is not in Noosa, it is in my hometown of Beerwah.
HK GUY 1207059454000
anonymous 1206388455000
First, there is no such thing as chinatown in Hong Kong or anywhere in China. The entire country is chinatown. The street pics which you labeled as Chinatown is a typical street market. That is more appropriate caption for your photos - "Street Market." The Hong Kong hill is call Victoria Peak. What kind of traveller are you? At least, get some names right.
anonymous 1192995712000

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anonymous 1186586938000
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jo nijssen 1186519815000
Hele mooie reis naar Coffs Tussen de banane gewzeten Mijn broer woont daar
andy h 1150725323000
very cool trip including lots of beer, maybe at the begining you could include a map of where you are traveling to, a bit more build up to the trip, photos and stories are very good, top travel story
John Davies [?] 1149334119000
I would be very happy to hear some of your feedback regarding this website, the photos and stories included.

If you do have any further questions or something is not clear, please do not hesitate to contact me or submit a guestbook entry below!