Round the world in 90 days!

Travel time: December 2006 - March 2007  |  by Carolina Martinez


Once upon a time, Lord Julius and Lady Carolina went far away to a land called España, to a somewhat large town called Madrid.

They met with old friends Princess Bingo and Duke Ningo . . .

and stayed in a cute apartment in a little street right in the centre of Madrid.

View from apartment balcony.

View from apartment balcony.

One day, everybody decided it would be a fine day for a turn around the park, so off they went.

As they were walking to the top of the hill, they noticed some scantily clad women on the street and some single gentlemen in cars.

They were quite perplexed by this so broke for lunch to review the situation.

After seeing more strange ladies in very little clothing and finding a used condom close to where they had broke for lunch, they decided unanimously to catch the first cable car out of there . . .

which was heaps of fun.

View from the cable car.

View from the cable car.

They liked eating good food together . . .

and drinking giant sized free-pour gin and tonics!

They liked meeting new friends and sharing above experiences with them.

Princess Bingo liked being cute.

They went to the Prado Museum and came back a little more intelligent . . .

Their new friend Candy took them around and showed them lots of cool stuff . . .

they had lots of fun.

Candy and co.

Candy and co.

To be continued . . .

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The trip
Julius and Carolina's dash around the globe. Let's see who will cross the finish line first . . .
Start of journey: Dec 10, 2006
Duration: 13 weeks
End of journey: Mar 07, 2007
Travelled countries: Thailand
The Author
Carolina Martinez is an active author on break-fresh-ground. since 17 years.
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