The Wild Coast of Vancouver Island

Travel time: August / September 2006  |  by Jörg Knorr

Johnston Strait

I now reached Johnston Strait, an area with good chances of seeing Orcas and other whales. The wind mostly blows in my face and the current seems to be working against me too. As a result I try to stay close to the shore and use the backstream. I see a couple black bears and meet some kayakers, who participate in guided tours from a basecamp.

I decide to pitch my tent on a rocky beach near Telegraph Cove, enjoy a steack after taking a walk through town and call home. The next day I see at least a couple of porpoises.
After about 2 weeks i pull my kayak up a beach, which is about half a mile long and intercepted by a couple of stones. On the far side of the beach a black bear seems to be searching for something edible underneath a rock. I hope we will get along. The sun shines through the clouds and tickels my skin. This is what I have been looking for. I am simply happy to be here.

© Jörg Knorr, 2006
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The trip
Rounding Americas biggest Pacific Island in a kayak. Breath-taking wild, seeing whales from a fascinating distance and meeting great people. That is what expects the traveller here. A intense way of experiencing nature.
Start of journey: Aug 06, 2006
Duration: 7 weeks
End of journey: Sep 20, 2006
Travelled countries: Canada
The Author
Jörg Knorr is an active author on break-fresh-ground. since 20 years.
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