The Wild Coast of Vancouver Island

Travel time: August / September 2006  |  by Jörg Knorr


I truly enjoyed life, the wild and the people. I saw bears, whales, sealions, eagles and sea otters. I paddled through breath-taking surroundings, walked through rain forrests, swam in the Pacific and resisted wind and waves. This journey is not compareable to anything I ever did so far. It was one big adventure. An experience I will never forget. I discovered new horizons. Not only geographic ones. New horizons in my life. What do I do and what do I want to do? A question everyone should ask him or herself and take some time to answer it. I lived a dream. Very simple. Very intense.

... with one of my best friends

... with one of my best friends

© Jörg Knorr, 2006
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The trip
Rounding Americas biggest Pacific Island in a kayak. Breath-taking wild, seeing whales from a fascinating distance and meeting great people. That is what expects the traveller here. A intense way of experiencing nature.
Start of journey: Aug 06, 2006
Duration: 7 weeks
End of journey: Sep 20, 2006
Travelled countries: Canada
The Author
Jörg Knorr is an active author on break-fresh-ground. since 20 years.
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