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Travel time: July / August 2009  |  by Melanie Kasüske

One of a touristy day

The next day began with a hungover but nevertheless we met Nadine in front of the pub and made our way to Oxford Street where we met Tanya, another friend I've met in New Zealand.
After a really unhealthy breakfast in an American Restaurant we walked to the British Museum. Sadly we all felt so bad inside that we weren't in there very long.

We walked on to Fortunum & Mason because I wanted to buy some English tea and Chris told me that this is the best place to get some. (now after being back home I can tell: Yes it's true)
From there we walked to the Parliament and onwards to the River Thames. There we, or more Chris and Tanya, had a tea before we took the ferry back to Greenwich.It was a nice ferryride, especially because we were sitting inside while it was raining outside!

In Greenwich we fairly walked over the market because we were looking for another friend of Chris, Eleanor. She was really nice and it was kinda funny that all of us met while traveling.
Chris and Eleanor = Tasmania
Chris and myself = New Zealand
Tanya and myself = New Zealand
Nadine and all of us = England
Eleanor and myself = England

Anyway, we had some nice dinner at an Asian Restaurant and went to a pub afterwards as one of Chris' housemates had his leaving party. It was a nice evening but not as nice as the evening before.

© Melanie Kasüske, 2009
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The trip
2 month in Germany is far too much so I've decided to go to London over the weekend to catch up with some of my friends I've met during traveling around the world.
Start of journey: Jul 31, 2009
Duration: 4 days
End of journey: Aug 03, 2009
Travelled countries: United Kingdom
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Melanie Kasüske is an active author on break-fresh-ground. since 15 years.
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