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Travel time: July / August 2009  |  by Melanie Kasüske

goodbye London - I have a new dreamjob!

Last day in London. Chris had to go to work so we said goodbye in the early morning and I met up with Nadine.

We had one target to go to: Hamleys. Chris and Tanya and... everybody told us to go there. A toy-shop .... okay, why not.
It turned out to be one of the funniest parts of the weekend.
7 floor of: TOYS! But it's not a usual toystore, no, in there everybody is playing with the toys! It's absolutely amazing!
You can try everything and they show you everything.
We made so many useless photos (that I'm going to load up as soon as Nadine send me all of them).
That'd be a real dreamjob!

After that we even had time to see changing of the guards! Of course, as we were late, we didn't get the most perfect place but it was good enough to see the main thing.

After it got boring there we walked towards Hydepark and took the underground to Piccadilly Circus where we walked around a little bit before taking the undergorund to Kings Cross to search platform 9 3/4 again. We found it and took some hillarious photos!!!
Again more of them as soon as I get them

Now was the time to say goodbye and I checked in to the Eurostar terminal which was the same procedure as in Brussels before.
The terminal in London is even bigger than the one in Brussels... probably 3 times as big. Amazing!
In Brussels I got on the ICE alright, had again a great seat and the train took off on time. It was amazing, so far I didn't have any problems with the railway system, normally I do have millions of problems but anyway, the journey wasn't over yet as just after stopping in Liege we stopped in the middle of nowhere as for a technical defect. They said it's only going to take a few minutes .... - .... after 50min we drove on!
Thankfully I've had 61min to get my other train in Cologne and so it didn't effect the time coming home.

All in all it was the BEST shorttrip I've ever had! Thank you ALL so much for the awesome weekend!!!

© Melanie Kasüske, 2009
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The trip
2 month in Germany is far too much so I've decided to go to London over the weekend to catch up with some of my friends I've met during traveling around the world.
Start of journey: Jul 31, 2009
Duration: 4 days
End of journey: Aug 03, 2009
Travelled countries: United Kingdom
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