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Travel time: July / August 2009  |  by Melanie Kasüske

Lunch and some great horror movies

Sunday we were supposed to meet two other friends who I've met in Thailand. A couple from New Zealand. Reetu and Greg.

The hardest thing was finding their place but with a delay of 30min (sorry again) we found it. It was near Tower Hill and the area was stunning - so was their apartment! It looked so posh and the views were gigantic!!! Out of the front was a great view over Tower Bridge!

The food was great. Reetu made Couscous and Chicken and salad. I've only had Couscous once before and I didn't like it at all back in Tunisia but I have to say: I really liked it made from Reetu!!! Brilliant.
It was sooo good to see them again - two of the friendliest people I've met while traveling!

After that we went home to Chris' place again and waited for Nadine to arrive.

Since traveling Australia I always wanted to see "Wolf Creek" a backpacker horror movie and Chris owned it.
So we watched it and it was soooo scary.... LOVED IT! Nadine and I were just sitting on the sofa not able to say one word!
After that we watched "Mom & Dad" another horror film that I didn't like as much as Wolf Creek but anyway, was a good film as well.

Another great day in London.

© Melanie Kasüske, 2009
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The trip
2 month in Germany is far too much so I've decided to go to London over the weekend to catch up with some of my friends I've met during traveling around the world.
Start of journey: Jul 31, 2009
Duration: 4 days
End of journey: Aug 03, 2009
Travelled countries: United Kingdom
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