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About me:
Residence: Born in Taipei, Taiwan. Raised in Los Angeles, California. Studied/lived abroad in the beautiful and medieval town of Siena, Italy. Currently residing in New York City.

Places Traveled: PHILIPPINES: Manila, Macati; TAIWAN: Taipei; Hong Kong; CHINA: Shen Jing; PERU: Machu Picchu, Huaynapichu, Aguas Calientes, Lima, Cusco, Chinchero; MEXICO: Cabo San Lucas, Riviera Maya, Rosarito, Tijuana; THAILAND: Bangkok, Krabi, Phi Phi Ley/Phi Phi Don Islands, Phuket, Damnoen Saduak, Ayutthaya; JAPAN: Tokyo; FRANCE: Paris, Montpellier, Nice; SWITZERLAND: Bern, Interlaken, Brig, Geneva, Zermatt; ITALY: Firenze, Roma, La Cita del Vaticano, Pisa, Cinque Terre, Napoli, Capri, Sorrento, Venezia, Milano, Tuscany Region: Pienza, Montalcino, San Gimignano, Siena; SPAIN: Montjuic, Madrid, Toledo, Barcelona, Valencia; CZECH REPUBLIC: Prague, Kutna Hora; AUSTRIA: Salzburg, Vienna; HUNGARY: Budapest; GERMANY: Munich, Cologne. DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: Puerto Plata, Paradise Island; COSTA RICA: Tamarindo, Playa Avellanas, Playa Conchal, Villareal.

In the US: Pretty much, everywhere!

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My travelogues

  • Backpacking (Central/Eastern) Europe

    Backpacking (Central/Eastern) Europe "Good Pants, Bad Pants"; Czech Republic pick pocketers; Kutna Hora...THE BONES; Chocolate Factory; German sausages and Hofbrauhaus/Biergartens; Austria bike riding; Pub crawls; tons of new friends and an amazing journey....and, one too many potato dumplings and pork knuckle
    Czech RepublicGermanyAustriaHungary
    Duration: 3 weeks August 2008 Aug. 2008
  • Cross Country Road Trip- USA

    Cross Country Road Trip- USA The cross country road trip that has failed to materialize for 3 years but finally, fulfilled in the year of 2007. Two (crazy) girls set out one early Tuesday morning and in their journey's wake, meet transvestites, cute boys, get bitten by mosquitoes, get pierced with rusty nails and squirted in the eye with 'porn sausage', hang with bums and riffraffs at Union Station....
    United States
    Duration: 11 days August 2007 Aug. 2007
  • Thailand

    Thailand I once read somewhere that when you go to Thailand, you can't wait to leave it...
    ...but you also can't wait to go back.
    That much we agree with. Here is our story, we hope you enjoy reading as much as we've enjoyed experiencing it!
    Duration: 13 days December 2006 - January 2007 until 2007
  • Backpacking (Western) Europe

    A quick summary of our adventures abroad in 2004...
    Duration: 4 weeks April 2004 Apr. 2004