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Guestbook :Stranded across the Rohtang

champa 1187694616000
your Guestbook was very nice and it was benifit for all travelogue. Therefor I say thanks for your kind job. I request to you next time give more picture of kibber village.
nandman83 1182746751000
I loved reading your travelogue. I wanted to go to HP when it snows. Can you give me the approximate time of the year you visited? And your afterthought was very interesting. Because I too love to talk and my travelogue will be just as long as yours if not longer! Guess the talking habit runs in Indians blood! Thanks very much for sharing. A pleasure to read!
anonymous 1151677430000
I was with Roshini and Col Pradahan during the trip, Roshni write quite well, I never knew. Anyway it was one of the great adventure I had in the Himalayas... Well Done Roshini...
sanjay kashyap 1149586807000
nice cotribution but would have helped a lot if month could have been mentioned
anonymous 1132066832000
you have really made a fabulous trip I am sure you will remember it the rest of your life.
Kurmani 1127769493000
I read your travel description. Very interesting to read.Iam planning to visit theseareas on motor bike.Is it possible.
Ricardo 1092148292000
I enjoyed that very much. Brings back some great (though less dangerous) memories!

anonymous 1083230589000
You story makes a great read. I am planning to go on a jeep safari from Manali-Leh-Panong-Manali....
Your story sounds so great, I wish I cld leave rightaway....
Roshni P. [?] 1053348781000
Here it is: the first India travelogue on this site. The Himalaya sure is no thing to mess around with - so if you enjoyed reading the story leave your comment in this guestbook.