Stranded across the Rohtang

Travel time: October 1995  |  by Roshni P.

Gompas of Spiti: Ki and Kibber

An early start lead us to Kibber. Kibber was a part of the salt trade in the golden era.

Near the monastery, the road had split in to two halves. A truck had been lodged in the gap that had probably no warning sign!

So, finally we got our chance to walk! The children followed us – maintaining their distance. They were yet to be touched by the 'bon-bon' syndrome! Whenever we spoke to someone, they giggled and ran away.

There are two annoying things about visiting a monastery: firstly, you have to climb uphill as most of them are built on a hilltop! (WHO made that rule???). I guess they weren’t thinking of us visitors!

Second thing is that after working your way up the hill with laboured breath, as you reach the top, you have this great sense of achievement, as you stand proud, looking at that treacherous path you just worked your way up! AND…a minute later, you can find a little child RUN up the hill and stand besides you, whipping his nose with his long sleeve – giggling all the time!!!! God, are they gifted or what? : -)

After Kibber, we finally reached the famous Ki gompa. We were lucky to find a Rimpoche, who was visiting the monastery. So, the whole monastery was decked up for his visit. The kind monks fed us with fruits, food and tea and then showed us around. It is nice to be born a human!

From Ki, we drove to Rangrik (a little further to Kaza – towards Manali). We found lodging at the rest house (I think it was the state electricity board rest house).

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The trip
On a recce trip to the newly opened Spiti valley, I learned why mountains are nobody's friends! From there on, no matter where I go, I am always prepared for the worst!
Start of journey: Oct 12, 1995
Duration: 14 days
End of journey: Oct 25, 1995
Travelled countries: India
The Author
Roshni P. is an active author on break-fresh-ground. since 18 years.