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Travel time: April 2004  |  by Christina E.

France: Nice

April 20, 2004: Day 14

Excerpt from my journal:

We are headed on the train for Nice. Our cheap asses didn't want to shell out any extra euros for nice 'couchettes', so we have to settle for these awkward reclining seats next to the cold air seeping through the windows. We arrive to Nice at 7:54 am. First thing on our agenda: The supermarket. After buying fruit and water at 'Monoprix', Jene and I went to where else? The internet cafe. I was so stoked upon checking my email to learn that I passed my CSET exam so I let out a yell of excitement. The French guy behind the counter was less than enthused and hisses at me: Shhhhhh

Nice is very nice

Nice is very nice

Our first impression of the beach was that it was the most beautiful water either of us has seen thus far. The difference in shallowness of the water gave it two overlapping shades of blue. The sky was clear and not a cloud was in sight. Instead of soft sand, there were rocks of all sizes and colors taking its place. I braved the freezing temperature of the water and went all the way in. Jene and I took off our bikini tops and laid down on our stomachs with our bare backs to the sun. Soon after, we spotted our first topless female (and almost bottomless-- nothing but a skimpy thong). She was skinny and brown with flat pancake breasts.

After laying out and enjoying the hot sun, Jene and I showered, shopped at H&M and rushed to the station before the train was about to leave with seriously, only a few minutes to spare.

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