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Travel time: December 2012 - May 2013  |  by Annie R...

Off to the bush: Statistic

Number of days to accomodate and host guests: 4

Check Inns / Outs: 4

Amount of Candle Light Dinners: 1

Amount of BBQ Packs: 2

Amount of Pizzas: 2

Breakfasts prepared: 7

Breakfast delivered on my own: 7

Amount of times that fellow Wwoofer offered me to help to deliver breakfasts: 1

Amount of numbers he showed up indeed: 0

Amount of times I caught fellow Wwoffer sleeping while he could have helped me to deliver breaksfasts: 2 (out of 3)

Amount of tents that got cleaned and prepared: 4

Amount of linnen, sheets that towlels that need to be washed / ironed / folded: ridiculous

Amount of times I had to walk in and out to unload the truck: maybe a dozen

Amount of times fellow Wwoofer offered me a hand in general: none

Amount of times fellow Wwoofer went out to go for a bushwalk and returned at 11pm while I had do to a BBQ pack and a Candle Light Dinner including decoration and wash up alone: 1

Amount of essential (for me) Brekky ingredients that awesome fellow Wwoofer (nearly) finished within 3 days while I was up at the house and working: 2 so far discovered (honey and nutella. Should I mention he claims that he DOES NOT eat chocolate? It's the 2nd Nutella he finished within 3 weeks...)

Amount of hours I saw fellow Wwoofer working within the last 3 days: about 3

Amount of hours I worked within the same time: about 40

Amount of movies Wwoofer must have watched: uncountable, but watching TV makes hungry. Fortunate he did not work.

Amount of numbers Wwoofer was up before I got up and let out the chickens: 0 (out of 1)

Amount that I wished to stick a giant cumbumber ups his arse or to hurt im somehow: uncountable

Found out my parents named me Anett because of the A for awesome and amazing.
Fellow Wwoofer must be called Joshua because of J like jerk.

What a bad day for my karma....

© Annie R..., 2012
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The trip
G'day mates! I just decided that it’s just about time to set up my english blog :-)To keep in touch. To still let you be part of my travels and to have some sort of exchange! I hope you make good use of the guestbook :-)
Start of journey: December 2012
Duration: 5 months
End of journey: May 2013
Travelled countries: Australia
The Author
Annie R... is an active author on break-fresh-ground. since 11 years.