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Off to the bush: The things that drive me crazy

I am a city girl. I always knew it.
For that reason I first thought I'd go crazy when living in the bush, so remote, with no distraction.
But I managed it very well. maybe I got used to it. But I read a lot, I watch movies (finally) and I am rarely bored.
I now deal with the fact that craving diet coke and chocs while being able to satisfy these cravings with hopping into the nearest shop is pure luxery.
Pure, filtered rainwater and veggies from the patch are always available.
Good on me mates! Doesn't change my life, but makes it slightly healthier.

It's even ok not having ICE Fashion, Big W and Hog's Breath nearby. Means I safe money. So I treat myself just every now and then when I get away from the bush.

But there's one thing I'll never get used to.
A thing that I did not even consider when I went to the bush.

I'm not talking about the cute wallabies outside of my window.
I am talking about rolling up the flap in the tent and then suddenly a big spider jumps out of its hideaway. of course it was sitting right above the exit, so I had to go the other way round.

Or imagine this: I go down to to one of the tents to prepare it and wanna check the outside mirror if it needs to be cleaned. And just the moment I've pulled out my hand I realise the snake sitting right behind the mirror, staring with its crazy yellow eyeballs.
I was done mates. I just packed up again and upgraded the guests to the other tent...

Still I remember when I made up he bed. I just fluff up the duvet when I rearealize that apparently somethings is sitting on my right foot. So I look down and everything I see is a rat sitting there. I don't know who was more scared: the rat (which was basically an antechinus, but I don't care) or me? In fairness it was quickly trying to get away from me while I stood there, jumping on one foot while shaking the other and screaming.
And yes they are indeed cute, but not supposed to touch me unexpextedly!

But my all-time-favourite will stay the unknown animal I spotted in my room. Only beacuse it decided that I was worth trying a cookie from the plastic bag they were packed in. The animal made a noise in the bag, I turned on the light and just saw something running away. To fast to see what it was. Great. That was my good night's sleep for about 4 nights.
I could not sleep, just napping with the light on. Proper sleep only came with dawn. When all the awesome bush animals went to bed I could have 2 or 3 hours of sleep as well.

I tell you mates, I am not made for the countryside. Especially not in Australia. Now it is time to count the days till I head off.
To treat myself I booked 2 nights accommodation for Saad and me in Tin Can Bay.

Miss you guys heaps!

PS: Nearly forgot the mozzies and leeches feeding on me

Sorry I can't show you the eyeballs, but the snake decided to cuddle up.

Sorry I can't show you the eyeballs, but the snake decided to cuddle up.

pure horror

pure horror

One of the nice encounters you can have here: the Echidna!

One of the nice encounters you can have here: the Echidna!

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