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Travel time: December 2012 - May 2013  |  by Annie R...

Rainbow Beach / Tin Can Bay

Here I am mates! In Brisbane. In my pocket the visa application form after officially 91 days in the bush Now I just need to apply...

To celebrate my new freedom I went to Tin Can Bay with Saad.
I've booked us into a B&B. No hostel, no other people, really cheesy being a couple. How did that happen to me??

The B&B itself was situated in Cooloola Cove, a little outside of Tin Can Bay. Everything was just spotless and our room was nice. We had noisy cockatoos in the garden and an awesome pool just for ourselves After arriving late afternoon everything we were up to was just finding a restaurant for we were starving.

Saturday we spent in Rainbow Beach. Strolling around, going for a swim and having a beautiful beach walk seeing the coloured sands.
Rainbow Beach was surprisingly small, so we headed home not too late and could enjoy a swim in the pool

The evening was quiet. Out of an impressive collection of DVDs we could choose from, Saad managed to choose the 3 worst movies. Well, I got drunk on wine meanwhile

Sunday we were running late but still managed to see the dolphins in Tin Can Bay. Though feeding was possible for a fee of just $5, I decided just to watch. Feeding was too much of a rush so I just enjoyed seeig these beautiful creatures.

And now? Now I am back in Brisbane and i feels weird. I just popped in to the Aussie Way, cause I needed to print of. And it is a total different place without you guys.

My plans now are a bit unclear. I could head off, see a few new places before going home for my break. But it is not easy to leave Saad. Again. Though if I was resonable, I'd just leave. But I've never been a reasonable person....

the coloured sands in the background

the coloured sands in the background

Free at last! And now???

Free at last! And now???

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The trip
G'day mates! I just decided that it’s just about time to set up my english blog :-)To keep in touch. To still let you be part of my travels and to have some sort of exchange! I hope you make good use of the guestbook :-)
Start of journey: December 2012
Duration: 5 months
End of journey: May 2013
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