Round the World Trip 1997/98

Travel time: October 1997 - March 1998  |  by Claudia Paulick

USA: Sightseeing & Shopping


Yesterday I started off the sightseeing with the Statue of Liberty. I took the Circle Line Ferry to get there. I decided to join the queue for going up to the Crown of the Statue. It took me about 1 ½ hours to get up there. The last 100 steps or so were pretty narrow ... horrible! I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed as you don't really see that much from up there. From the Statue of Liberty I took the ferry to Ellis Island were I visited the Museum of Immigration which was pretty interesting.

Back in Manhattan I walked to Wall Street. I wanted to see the New York Stock Exchange but it was too late. On my way to the World Trade Center I walked past Trinity Church. The Church itself isn't really small but in between all these skyscrapers it looks so tiny. Made my way back to the hostel walking past St. Paul's Chapel and City Hall. I also went to the Times Square and 42nd Street.

Today I took the subway to 59th Street from where I made my way to 57th Street. Went wild shopping at Victoria's Secret.
Spent about on underwear. After that I strolled down 5th Avenue past the Trump Tower to the Empire State Building. Went up the Empire State Building. Amazing view! After that I strolled a little bit through Greenwich before going back to the hostel in the early afternoon. Good idea. It just started raining.

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My trip around the world in 5 months
Start of journey: Oct 13, 1997
Duration: 5 months
End of journey: Mar 09, 1998
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