Round the World Trip 1997/98

Travel time: October 1997 - March 1998  |  by Claudia Paulick

USA: Still in New York


I can't believe how much walking I did today. Lorraine and I walked all the way from the hostel (77th Street!) to Chinatown. It took us about 2 hours or even a little bit longer. When we arrived in Chinatown we had a great Chinese meal. Massive, I couldn't even finish it. From Chinatown we walked to the Brooklyn Bridge from where we took the subway back to the hostel. We actually wanted to see the cloisters but it was already 3.45pm and it wouldn't have been worth it as it closes quite early.

Last night was party night at the hostel. For only 5 US$ you could drink as much beer as you wanted. It was really good fun. Quite a few people didn't realize straight away that I'm German. Quite a compliment. Some Aussies took the piss out of me as I have apparently quite a British accent. After midnight some of us went around the corner to a bar. Flirted a bit with a "Red", can't remember his real name right now. Really cute guy, grungy looking with long red curly hair, a goatee, pircings and tattoos. He talked a lot of bullshit but was a good laugh.

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My trip around the world in 5 months
Start of journey: Oct 13, 1997
Duration: 5 months
End of journey: Mar 09, 1998
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