Round the World Trip 1997/98

Travel time: October 1997 - March 1998  |  by Claudia Paulick

USA: The streets of San Francisco


I started travelling only a week ago but it seems so much longer. I already had my first daunting experience when finding out that most hostels in San Francisco were fully booked.

Last night I went to Fisherman's Wharf, Tommy (a Swedish guy in my room) asked me if I wanted to come along, which was really nice. We just wandered around for a bit. I had to buy a bloody sweatshirt for $40 because it was freezing. I think I got a cold now as it has been freezing the last two nights. My nose is blocked ... Damn it!

We went later to a Blues Bar, the cover charge was $8 and worth every cent. The band was absolutely brilliant. I think we left around midnight or so.

San Francisco seems to be - at least for me - more like the America I expected. Don't ask me what I expected though. New York seems more European to me.

At breakfast I met an English bloke and a German girl from Berlin and we chatted for a while. Both are in San Francisco for longer. I absolutely couldn't stand that girl.

This morning I took the bus to Fisherman's Wharf. First I bought myself a ticket for Alcatraz where I'm going on Tuesday morning. I just strolled aournd there for a few hours, went to Pier 39 to see the seals. Made my way back by foot, pretty tiring, some streets are quite steep. Walked past Lombard Street, the world's crookedest street. I was back in the hostel by 2pm. I kind of went asleep for about 2 hours or so. Since then I'm just lazy. Will get some food in a little while. I guess I'm going to see the Finance District, China Town tomorrow and probably the Golden Gate Park as well.

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